Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farewell to the Stupid--Errr, Student Scholars

Yet another sign that 9-11 Troof is dying:

I hope that all of your summers are going well. I have some news and am just going to go right into it: During the past year and a half we have accomplished a lot on behalf of demanding justice, accountability, and closure in regard to 9/11. However, 9/11 is part of a much larger picture. A picture that encompasses many forms of government corruption that need to be addressed and brought to the forefront of everyone's consciousness (i.e. election fraud, wars of aggression, domestic spying, torture, etc.).

Accordingly, it is with great enthusiasm that I am announcing to you all that a new organization is in the works, Young American for Accountability (YAFA). This is not to say that we are in any way retreating from our 9/11 activism in any way. What we hope to accomplish with this new organization is to focus on the larger picture and broaden our coverage of issues. We are still going to use similar methods (articles, videos, etc.) in our approach to these issues. We will have a website up and running soon, with a new format that will make it much easier for members to contribute to the site (see Most of the articles and videos from will be reposted at the YAFA website.

Just a suggestion, here, Justin. How about Young Americans for Accountability?

Update: More "broadening" of coverage of issues by Sofia, creator of 9-11 Mysteries:


See our new section "ABOUT THE SKY"

Are the extremes of weather all over the country
... truly NATURAL? Or are they engineered?
Climate change may not be Mother Earth
responding to man-made global warming.
It may be the extension of state-sponsored
disaster for further control of our lives.

The paranoid nutters will always have something else to obsess about.