Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gage Continues to Flog the 1000 Architects Idea

Yet another fiasco waiting to happen:

The first mention I can find of this idea here at SLC was on May 29, when the number of Architects and (Electrical) Engineers was at 395. Today, 51 days later, it's at 410. You would have to be retarded to believe that number will grow to 1000 by September 11, 2008. Realistically they have no chance to reach 500; my best guess is that they'll be at 425 or so.

Why do they set themselves up to fail like this? I suspect because they really believe that 84% of the population are "Truthers". Let's remember, these are the people who thought Ron Paul was going to win the Republican nomination handily (and they probably still think he has a chance at the convention).

The juggernaut thing itself (first appears about 1:30 into the film) is pretty cool; looks like something out of the comic books.

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