Monday, June 29, 2009

Celebrity Twit Twitters Troof

I confess I had not heard of Heidi Montag, probably because my definition of "celebrity" requires someone who's done more than appear on a reality TV show.

As the old joke goes, she looks like she was poured into that bikini and forgot to say "when". But perhaps typically for someone who has gotten ahead on looks and not substance, she's a dimwit.

@prisonplanet thank you for finding and exposing the truth about the New World Order and Global Elite! Jesus is coming! God bless u!

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check out @infowars!

Hat Tip: Patrick from Cincinnati (in the comments)

Update: Heidi's been tweeting back and forth with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. I don't know much about Perez either, but he very much comes off the sane one in their exchange. Noting her dueling passions at the moment for Jesus Christ and Alex Jones, Perez suggests:

@heidimontag I think you need to be reading more of the Bible and less of Infowars.


@heidimontag P.S. Did you stop smoking weed? Are you going through marijuana withdrawals? Why have you been acting so strange?

And when Heidi tweets back that she loves him:

@heidimontag I love you too, when you're not scaring me. xoxo

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