Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Deagle Has Landed

Well, well, look whom Luke Rudkowski is inviting to the 9-11-9 festivities in New York City. None other than Bill "Modified Attack Babboons" Deagle.

Deagle may be best known as the guy who thinks nukes brought down the WTC, but he also claims to have heard about the plot beforehand:

As they lingered over lunch at "a private table for speakers, a sufficient distance from others," an FBI official—"sensing that I was one of the boys, having worked on these sensitive government simulations"—leaned closer to Deagle and confided, "There is, according to our war game simulations and current intelligence, a 95 percent likelihood of a major devastating attack on a city in the northeast within 24 months. It will kill from between 50,000 to 500,000 individuals, and bring about immediate institution of martial law in America and a national implantable ID."

Stunned, Deagle pressed him to repeat the claim, which he did—twice more—and for details about what he really knew. The FBI man talked blandly about the likelihood of an anthrax release, the detonation of a dirty nuclear bomb, even the use of airplanes as weapons. As he talked he became even more specific. The city would be New York. And the chance of it happening was not, as he'd initially suggested, 95 percent—it was 100 percent.

The more the FBI man talked the more Deagle began to realize what he really meant. Finally, the veins in his neck popping in anger and frustration, the words finally spilled out of his mouth. "You are either going to let this happen—or cause it, aren't you!" Deagle almost shouted.

Note in particular that the initial details provided by Deagle's "informant" proved wrong; 9-11 did not kill 50,000 to 500,000 people and did not result in immediate imposition of martial law or a nationwide implantable ID.

And on the scale of crazy, Deagle's story is off the charts, but that's not even close to being the nuttiest thing he's ever said. Not by a wide margin:

Coincidentally, Deagle says he also treated a government worker who'd become ill while working inside massive, city-sized government tunnels and underground facilities in Colorado and Mexico. According to Deagle, there are more than 4,000 of these clandestine underground cities worldwide, including in and around 132 US cities. His patient, he says, "told me about things going on there, literally involving people from out of this world."

BTW, Deagle first came to prominence apparently as the doctor of one of the kids shot at Columbine:

Mark and his mother—and, perhaps strangely, their doctor—soon became fixtures at public events where Mark talked about what had happened to him, his mother Donna offered her motherly perspective and Bill Deagle showed slides of the boy's X-rays and talked about his miraculous recovery. There were plans for a national tour to "promote Christian values," and Mark and his doctor began collaborating on a book so Mark could "get my story out. People are looking for hope."

The book never did get written. Taylor's mother would later break off relations with Deagle, complaining "he tried to control me and my son. It got deeper and deeper. It was insane," says Donna Taylor. She began to believe Deagle was "nuts."

I concur with that diagnosis, Mrs Taylor!

BTW, there's some discussion at TruthMove as to whether this indicates that Luke is going to have separate festivities from the supposed "Real Change and Transparency Conference". I don't know the answer to that, but I can see why he might have since decided to combine forces with Les Jamieson; check out the "Chip-In Widget" on that page; with less than 2 months to go they've raised $55.

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