Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Question the Timing

Just as the sheeple were waking up to the Alex Jones Deception, this happens:

Troy Palmer Sexton, 36, of Summit Ridge Road, Hurricane, is facing domestic battery charges after carrying his 6-year-old son across a field by one ankle and allowing the child's helmeted head to hit the ground "more than once," according to a criminal complaint filed in Putnam Magistrate Court.

Okay, so I don't really question the timing; that would be doing like the idiot troofers do. I am very disappointed in Troy; given the incident at Riverfront Stadium (Correction: Great American Ballpark), and some of the phone calls he's made, he's clearly got anger management issues. I'm not going to judge him guilty or innocent; let's let the legal system handle it.

In other news, NYC-CAN claims to have found about 7,000 additional signatures; since they only needed about 4,000 more, I'm a little confused about why they asked for an extension of time. Oh, yeah, maybe this has something to do with it:

"First, the federal government has jurisdiction over an investigation into the attacks that took place on September 11 as well as the causes of those attacks. Establishing a local commission to conduct an investigation far exceeds the proper scope and purpose of the petition process of the MHRL (Municipal Home Rule Law). Second, the petition fails to provide an adequate financing plan for the Commission as required by section 37 of the MHRL. Third, the petition's method of designating Commissioners conflicts with state laws relating to the election or appointment of public officers and the residency of public officers, Fourth, the petition overreaches in its attempt to confer a range of law enforcement and prosecutorial powers on the Commission."

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