Saturday, August 01, 2009

NYC-CAN Update

The NYC-CAN website continues to make no mention of their epic fail the other day; the latest "news" posted on the website is that they submitted the petition. As far as I can see, nobody on the Troof side has posted links to the two-page letter explaining why the petition was rejected. Indeed, they seem to be trying to create the false impression that the only issue was the number of signatures.

A number of the Troofers have pointed out that the executive director of the commission is Ted Walter, who is apparently a cipher. The only real information I've been able to glean is from his bio at the NYC-CAN website:

On the morning of September 11 I was in my first ever class at NYU.

He was apparently a film student there, so we're certainly talking about a young guy--26, 27?

Further to the NYC-CAN story, we now know who "the best election lawyer in NYC"; it's Dennis P. McMahon. Like most attorneys, he's an aspiring writer.

After experiencing what he would later describe as spontaneous mystical events, Dennis became deeply involved in seeking explanations thru shamanism, past-life regressions, communications with the dead, and the like.

Sounds like somebody Les (Urantia) Jamieson would have hired.

Update: SLC gets results; NYC-CAN now has an update on their appeal:

The NYC CAN petition was rejected by the City Clerk on Friday, July 24th, a week ago, certifying less than the minimum of 30,000 qualified signatures of electors. This benchmark, according to the Clerk’s office was not met. A ‘qualified elector’ is a registered New York City voter who was eligible to vote in the last election. According to the letter sent by the Clerk to the City Council, the NY Board of Elections validated 26,003 signatures and invalidated 24,664, leaving 1,333 that were not certified.

Jeez, they were rejected on Friday, July 24 and they just mentioned it on August 1? Ignore the July 31st dateline on that post; I checked this morning and there was no update at the time I made my post.

Jon Gold also notes the letter in an OpEd News Diary dated July 31 (but posted shortly after my post).

I guess it shows these folks can be shamed into doing the right thing, even if they are unashamed to try to pretend they did it before the shaming.

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