Friday, December 31, 2010

Truthers Get in Altercation With Police in Hawaii

A group of truthers from We Are Change made the news for getting in an altercation with the police, while they were running around filming the security procedures surrounding President Obama's vacation in Hawaii. Probably not the police's finest moment, even dealing with nutjobs you should treat them properly.

HONOLULU -- A public access television crew complained of police mistreatment Thursday, after trying to get a picture of President Barrack Obama.

Just after dawn Wednesday, the three-woman crew for a Big Island public access program called "We Are Change Hawaii" drove up to the barricade near the president's vacation home in Kailua.

The video from the news report is available at the link.



At 31 December, 2010 16:37, Blogger Pat said...

More evidence for the "Willie Nelson theory"; one of the gals in the video is named Sativa Jones!

At 03 January, 2011 19:09, Blogger M Gregory Ferris said...

I had to think about why this bothered me so much, and it finally came to me.

This little stunt is emblematic of the major problem with the "Truth" movement: Lack of Boundries.

The President of the United States has major security for good reasons. An unmarked vehicle approaches a Secret Service, none of the people in the vehicle display press credentials, and they withdraw while filming ongoing security screenings.

This is suspicious behavior.

So the Secret Serivice is going to want to take a closer look at everyone in the vehicle. Was the cop out of line? Maybe. Was the idiot with the camera out of line? Yes. The officer told her to stop filming.

Then we get the usual bullshit about "How this shouldn't happen in America". This in spite of the fact that the officer instructed them how to file a complaint against him and willingly provided the crew with his name and badge number. Show me which other countries does this happen in the context of investigating suspicious persons challenging security of their leader.

The White House has a press office. The job of this office is to accommodate requests from local news/press personel for interviews or access to film the President. If your credentials check out they will arrange something if possible.

Ask Ahmad Shah Massoud about not checking press credentials. Oh wait, we can't.


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