Friday, May 20, 2011

Gage Drops Debate DVD Plans

Well, the 1500th consecutive fiasco has hit the Troof Movement, just as Box Boy Gage was about to celebrate the 1500th architect or engineer or secretary at an architectural firm or subscriber to Architectural Digest to join his group. You may recall that back in March, Richard Gage engaged in a debate in Colorado with Chris Mohr. Mohr basically pretended he was Brian Good and Gage was a mop, and so the result was so bad that even the delusional idiots at Flogger admitted that that Gage was beaten badly.

But Gage and filmmaker Ken Jenkins (the #1 psychologist in 9-11 Truth!) hoped to salvage a DVD out of the experience, as discussed here:
A DVD will be created in the coming months of the event from the high-definition video footage shot by a three-camera film crew led by Ken Jenkins, video director for the AE911Truth DVD’s and the 9/11: Blueprint for Truth and SF Press Conference. We hope to air the WTC 7 show on local PBS-TV stations. Stand by to order your copy from our online store in April or May.

Well, turns out that Gage and Company were so embarrassed by their thorough thrashing by Mohr, that they have cancelled the DVD. Quoting from an email from Mohr:
There has been considerable discussion between me and Richard Gage's AE911 Truth organization about the debate video. As you know, when the debate happened on 3/6/11, they recorded it with three video cameras. The hope was to put out a high-level professional video that could be used on PBS or at least community TV stations and cable outlets.

Ultimately, they decided not to edit and release this debate video after all. They are moving on to other projects.

Of course, this is not terribly surprising given that Mohr was arguing from reason and Gage from his nether regions. Even Gage had to admit that he lost, when he posted his scorecard from the event:

Adding it up, six people moved away from the Troofer position (including one full switch from CD to natural collapse), while only three moved towards Gage's theory (none from natural collapse to CD).

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At 21 May, 2011 05:13, Blogger Len said...

LOL the author of the AE911T article is "Dick Scar". I wonder if that's his real name. Now even if Mr. and Mrs. Scar were dumb enough to name their son Richard, why on earth would he elect to use that diminutive of his name?

At 21 May, 2011 12:23, Blogger Grandmastershek said...

considering he wants truthers to buy & distribute his videos i guesss he really doesnt want his out right embarrasment being paraded around.

At 22 May, 2011 06:55, Blogger Ian said...

Damn, and Brian had been saving his allowance money for the opportunity to buy this!

At 22 May, 2011 08:00, Blogger Walter said...

An audio version of the debate is still available.


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