Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And Now a Word From the B.. B... C...

Apparently not all our friends across the water liked the movie. I guess they are part of the coverup too.

To understand the conspiracy theory, it is worth considering a film called Loose Change: 2nd edition. Available on the internet, it reveals the full alternative version of what happened to the Pentagon in all its glory. It states:

  • AA77 did not crash into the building.
  • And if there was no AA77, it must have been a missile, a military aircraft or a drone that did it
  • The alleged pilot Hani Hanjour was not skilled enough to execute the manoeuvre and the plane would have stalled in the tight turn alleged
  • Street lights were knocked down but did not bring down the plane; therefore there was no plane. They could have been deliberately lifted from the ground
  • The damage was not consistent with the size of the airliner and therefore there was no airliner
  • There were no remains of either the 757 or passengers and therefore neither existed
  • Pieces of fuselage found nearby were planted
  • Eyewitnesses who said they saw the plane were confused. Others said they saw a commuter jet or a helicopter

There are, of course, answers to all of the above, to be found in the report of the 9/11 Commission, in other technical assessments and in common sense.

For example, the limited damage on each side of the impact zone was due to recent strengthening work on the building. Windows that survived were made of shatterproof glass.

Another obvious weakness in the film is that the eyewitnesses chosen are all treated as if they have equal value. And did nobody see the lampposts being lifted out of the ground?


At 17 May, 2006 14:29, Blogger nes718 said...

Apparently not all our friends across the water liked the movie. I guess they are part of the coverup too.

BBC is liken to CBSNBCCNNMSNBC network news and in that sense are obligated to try and keep the "official" myth alive. Funny how they only seem to concentrate on the weakest point of the 9/11 argument. No mention of, say, Steven Jones’s analysis of the events, not even blurb about Silverstein's insurance claims. No... Right to the "there were no bodies so there was no plane" out of context quotations.

This is more simple minded mind manipulation for those yet to see the video and to taint their minds in the direction of the official conspiracy. Take it for what it is, a hit piece.

At 17 May, 2006 14:40, Blogger Unknown said...

Let's not forget that Big Ben in the UK was a target on 9/11.

At 17 May, 2006 14:41, Blogger Unknown said...

Big Ben link

At 17 May, 2006 15:34, Blogger nes718 said...

There are no "willing conspirators" only people too trusting in Government to not question what they say and in fact, perpetuate the myth. Look at the founders of this blog. I'm sure they are well meaning and not part of any conspiracy however too trusting in the governments "account."

The bigger the lie, the more people are willing to accept it.


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