Sunday, May 14, 2006

The "Just Asking Questions" Jive

As noted in the terrific New Times article on Loose Change,

Of course, when one of the few skeptical people in attendance at 3 Roots pressed the kids about their claims, they rapidly spewed a bunch of nonsense before resorting to the age-old chestnut, "Hey, we're just asking questions. We're not saying it happened this way. We're asking questions."

Questions like these:

1. (1:09:59): The cellphone calls were fake. No questions about it.

2. (58:50): So if Flight 93 didn't go down in Shanksville, then where? You ready for this? Cleveland.

3. (59:52): Therefore, Flight 93 landed at Cleveland at approximately 10:45.

4. (1:00:25): So at 11:15, 200 or so passengers were released from Flight 93.

5. (1:01:35): We may never know what happened to Flight 93. But we do know what didn't happen.

6. (1:02:25): But if we could examine the black boxes from the planes that were used, we could prove that they weren't the original flights.


At 14 May, 2006 11:31, Blogger nes718 said...

VERY GOOD! I see the fear just reeking in a lot of these hit pieces, fuckin' awesome.

Remember the stages of truth:

"All truth passes through three stages, First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Schopenhauer 1850

We are witnessing stage two.

At 14 May, 2006 12:00, Blogger nes718 said...

Check out this book on flight 93 roger:


Still, there are a lot of questions why it took up until October to find all the body parts and then, they were so small that DNA test were needed to identify them and only 2% of the total of human remains were ever recovered. It's pretty safe to say no plane crashed in Shanksville.

At 18 May, 2006 21:48, Blogger shawn said...

"VERY GOOD! I see the fear just reeking in a lot of these hit pieces, fuckin' awesome."

I truly hope you are some angst-filled teenager, because otherwise your life is lost.

Fear? Well, it's more anger over the fact that many Americans are so ignorant when it comes to logic and reason.


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