Friday, March 23, 2007

Journal of 9-11 Studies Boldly Debunks Nutty Theory

That was originally presented in, you guessed it, the Journal of 9-11 Studies. Jim Hoffman takes apart the "elephant plane". Of course, the Journal of Debunking 9-11 Studies took on this ridiculous claim ages ago, but it's nice to see that even JONES admits that one of the first articles published in their journal was a bunch of hogwash.

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At 24 March, 2007 00:16, Anonymous Anonymous said... (03/24) -late nite Updates

* RENSE/PP: Dr. Judy Wood files against NIST for WTC lies

* 9/11 Blogger Watch (03/24) -The 9/11 Cover-up Cartoon World

* Paula Gloria YT: Arizona Spookerence
* Video Gig: 9/11 Southtower "Pancake" Collapse
* "9/11" Charlie Sheen on Scarborough- Repeat at 0:00 AM EST
* Cover-up? Did 9/11 "Keymaster" Roddy leak Sheen/LC info for Sabotage?
* Beau Dietl, O'Reilly Guest vs. Sheen/Donnell, linked to 9/11 Woolworth Tower "Missiles"
* ex-NY Press Tom Modern- New Book: "Smack Down 9-11"
* Confusion in MSM Tabloids: Rosie O'Donnell linked to new LC Version , FOX/O'Reilly vs.
Sheen (Video)
* ny911 UrantiaNSA Gate escalates: Jamieson under new Pressure of Votes against him
* 9/11 Video MashUp Roundup (Updates 02/22)
* BSReg 9/11 Video: "Missing Building Found!..."
* Video: Alan Dershowitz vs. "9/11 Philly Truth"
* 911booger.blogspot claims, "9/11 Truthers Disrupted Dallas Anti-War Protest'
* More from "Am. Response Squad": The Great Global [911] Swindle
* ScrewLoose/Ronald Wieck about "no-plane" Meeting with Haupt
* Rosie O'Donell's '9/11 View' breaks in MSM Tabloids
* ScrewLoose spins "9/11 activists harrassed" Rosie, while Haupt was peacefully
delivering "noplane" DVDs
* LC Forum: Shure aka Jeff "pumpitout" speaks out against PJones

At 24 March, 2007 00:37, Blogger Alex said...

Nico must be happy. One plane down, two to go!

At 24 March, 2007 06:32, Blogger texasjack said...

"Nico must be happy. One plane down, two to go!"

LOL...Well put.

At 24 March, 2007 20:43, Blogger debunking911 said...

Maybe he will debunk his thermite idea next!

He should have read my "Fleas under a microsocpe" paper a long time ago.

At 24 March, 2007 21:50, Blogger Unknown said...

Damn Nico, learn some HTML.

At 12 April, 2007 12:30, Blogger Unknown said...

Shut down the Internet - before it's too late

Kooks are all over the Internet. Take for example all the conspiracy theories about JFK, Elvis, the Moon landing, or 2Pac. And just recently they discovered 9/11 as their new playground. They call themselves "Truthers", although nothing could be as far from the truth as the brainwashing nonsense they promote. These people show an almost Orwellian misuse of the language to manipulate the meaning of words in order to make them seem more credible.

Full article

At 07 April, 2008 13:05, Blogger Unknown said...

Smack Down 9-11 now out!

At 18 November, 2009 21:30, Blogger Rick said...

Do you get paid for disinformation or is it just a hobby?

WTC7 was an obvious controlled demolition. How can fire account for the simultaneous failure of 47 steel columns? Just watch it.

The BBC says 4 of the Hijackers from 9/11 are still alive. The government hasnt bothered to change its story


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