Friday, July 13, 2007

An Evening With Alex Jones

I have to give Alex Jones credit, he may be a raving lunatic, but he is actually pretty entertaining, especially when compared with truthers like Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin or Steven Jones, who are like watching paint dry. An example of this is this video of him at a Texas theater introducing a couple of his paranoid conspiracy films and taking questions from the audience. It even features a live band with the dark ominous imminent takeover of the New World Order theme music.

I especially loved this paranoid ADD exchange with an audience member about 28 minutes in, answering a question about the Loose Change boys new "secret witness":

Jones: It's not like Bermas' interview, which I am executive producing Loose Change: Final Cut, it is not like that is a secret. It's all over the web, who that city official is who said that bombs were going off in seven. They just want to wait until the film comes out to release it.

Guy in audience: That's the major debunker isn't it?

Jones: Pardon me?

Guy in audience: That's the major debunker.

Jones: Well when you do interviews. The sources don't want to be known until something comes out, that is pretty standard for journalism. I mean, they sent Richard Nixon out of office and people to prison on some guy named Deep Throat.

Guy in audience: Richard Nixon was involved in the assassination of JFK!

Jones: Well yeah, Richard Nixon was involved in the assassination of JFK.

Guy in audience: And our sitting president's father was involved in the assassination of JFK!

Jones: (smiling) George Herbert Walker Bush is a Christian man. OK...

Guy in audience: Answer my question!

Jones: (pointing) Go ahead over there.