Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The BBC Interviews In-Depth

We already had a couple of threads discussing the recent BBC radio show, but some of the comments, particularly those by Jason Bermas, were so incredibly idiotic that they deserved to be pointed out specifically.

Rick Moran: We have demolition teams wiring up the World Trade Centers, you say in a matter of weeks. Pulling down the walls, putting the charges in, and than putting the walls back up. And then covering them very nicely so that they look just the way they did when people left for work.

Jason Bermas: Once again I just want to point out that never in our movie do we say that demolition teams came in and rigged the building up. We say that the buildings were brought down in a controlled demolition, and we need an investigation to find out how that happened.
Huh? So they never claimed that demolition teams rigged up the building? Well how the hell did the buildings get rigged for demolition then Jason? Magic? Was it gremlins? Star Trek transporter technology? What at idiotic argument.

Anyway, to continue, they ask the obvious question:

Host: Well how is that controlled demolition organized? How is that controlled demolition organized?

Dave von Kleist: Jason, that is a trap question, don't even try to bother answering that! That is a trap question!

Host: Well let's just cool it down here, because Jason it does seem to me you have got a number of people here asking you the same question. You've got... you believe that these buildings were brought down, but you can't explain at all how this is possible.

Dave von Kleist: He can't. He can't explain it.

Jason Bermas: I am not the Attorney General of New York City. I don't have subpoena power. I can't call people in for hearings and ask them questions.

No, you are not an Attorney General. You are in fact, an idiot. You can't even massage your theories enough that they make sense when you explain them, so you have to avoid actually explaining them.

He continues to dig the hole deeper.

Jason Bermas: However, it is curious to me, that Securacom, which was the company in charge of security at the World Trade Center, and one of Bush's brothers was the head of it at one time and then one of his cousins, was on the board.

Wow, that is just an amazing sentence. Let us count the errors. 1. Securacom (actually Stratesec at the time, I will give him a pass on that error) was never in charge of security, they merely had a contract for electronic security. 2. That contract ended in 1998, three years before 9/11. 3. Marvin Bush was never the head of Stratesec, he was only on the board of directors. 4. Wirt Walker, who actually was CEO of Stratesec, is not known to be related in any way to the Bush family. This guy has been studying 9/11 for over 4 years (he is the researcher, remember) and he actually manages to make 4 errors of fact in one sentence. Simply amazing.

But he doesn't even stop there, after refusing a couple of more times to answer how many people it would take to wire up the WTC:

Bermas: The United States has managed to invade two sovereign nations, take over their oil supplies, build an oil pipeline along the Caspian Sea, and put permanent military installation bases around them. I think that is their motivation.

Yeah OK Jason, why don't you ask your buddy Korey, as soon as he gets out of the stockade, how many oil pipelines he saw running through Afghanistan alongside all those "permanent military installation bases".

Some of the truthers I think are just egotistical, or naive. I have said it before and I will say it again, this guy is just a moron.

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