Monday, August 13, 2007

Korey Getting Shuffled Out of the Deck?

I mean, I know how to spell his name but the We Are Change crew don't?

You can argue whether Bermas or Jones is getting second billing; Korey's clearly bottom dog here, and then they misspell his name. We have not heard a thing about Korey from the LC guys or Alex Jones in a couple weeks now.

It's time to put out the milk cartons. What's wrong with Alex Jones? Doesn't he recognize that Korey's probably serving 5-10 as suggested on his show, and that we may never see Korey again? Well, I, for one will not stand for the New World Order putting Korey Rowe in one of their FEMA death camps.

So I pronounce the sacred spell of mumbo-jumbo has been placed on Korey Rowe and that he must be returned to his proper place as producer of Loose Change the Final Cut, and that's Korey with a 'K'.