Monday, August 06, 2007

Mark Dice Calls it Quits

I almost came to tears reading this sob story over at the Loose Change Forum about how Mark Dice, the idiot formerly known as John Conner, is quiting his Internet radio show:

With google video being so popular, many people just watch videos for free and never buy the DVDs and support the film makers, and it seems people are even more reluctant to buy books. I'm almost out of copies of The Resistance Manifesto and have NO MONEY to print the new run. It’s going to cost about $7 thousand dollars. That and my laptop, which is the only computer I have, is almost burnt. The screen flickers to black all the time, and I fear it may just not come back on. The thing crashes almost every day too. I have a ChipIn box on if you want to donate to help me get a new one.

I'm making about HALF the money at my day job than I did last year because business sucks and the economy is crap. I work in sales management. If I have to get a new job, I won't have all day to research and make videos since I will be forced to become a corporate slave so I don't start bouncing my rent check which I almost did last month.

I'm very disappointed in the movement, not only for not supporting my work, but for not fighting for the cause. I showed everyone how easy it was to jam radio talk shows like Hannity and O'Reilly. I should be hearing a half a dozen calls every day about the Illuminati and 9/11, yet I hear none. I have stopped listening to these clowns in hopes of hearing a caller slam them on the issues, because it doesn’t happen.

What if you threw a revolution, and nobody came?