Friday, August 03, 2007

Yet Moron the "Truther" Party

There are some times when I just shake my head in disbelief. Alex Floum, who is reportedly a lawyer, is talking up the possibility of some politician riding 9-11 nuttery to the White House:

If a candidate talked about real issues, like 9/11, and the Constitution, and fasiscm, he or she might do alot better.

What if Kucinich blew off the Democratic party -- which isn't supporting him -- and ran independent?

What if Ron Paul blew off the Republican party -- which isn't supporting him -- started talking about 9/11 truth, and ran independent?

Look, Ron Paul knows where his bread is buttered. If he started talking 9-11 Truth the folks who have supported him who are not 9-11 Deniers, would desert him in a heartbeat. He'd get less than the typical libertarian candidate.

This is where the stacked internet polls work against the movement. These people really believe that a majority of Americans agrees with them; check out this post for evidence.

Made a mistake few days ago when I suggested that the voice here was somehow the majority. To my surprise I was very wrong. It appears the views shared by majority of JREF members is very much an example of close minded minority. I very much enjoy bringing the following polls too the attention of the Blind.

MSNBC- Do you think the government was directly involved with the 911 world trade center bombing.

63% Yes
32% No
5% Not sure

CNN- last poll found 89% felt there has been a 911 cover-up

CNN- 56% Felt alternative "Conspiracy" causes were creditable

CNN- 60% were not satisfied with the 911 commission's investigations

CNN- 45% Blame the Bush Administration for 911 Attacks

I have pointed out many times that the internet polls on 9-11 CTs get linked at Alex Jones Prison Planet and 9-11 Blogger and other sites, and thus they get disproportionate response from the Blackshirts. One would think that they would notice that their local "Truth" squadron has about 5 members.

Don't get me wrong; I think the movement has some popular appeal; as I have stated earlier I can no longer believe that the percentage of the population infected with the "Truther" virus is less than 10%, and I could buy 20% on the high end. But most of them are 9-11 Deniers in the same sense that the 35% or so of the people who believe Elvis is alive are Elvis Deniers. Very, very few of the latter spend any significant amount of time looking for Elvis to prove their theory.

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