Friday, August 03, 2007

Tell Us What You Really Think!

The Big Dog takes on the "Truthers" and pulls no punches:

The Truthers are absolutely, without a doubt, not in their right minds. These people stopped drinking the kool aid and now have an IV of the stuff going around the clock. Their tin foil hats are definitely wound way too tightly around their pin heads and the blood flow to their small brains has been cut off. These people should not be allowed out in public and they should have to be heavily sedated at all times. There should be a national round up to get these people off the streets and into institutions where they belong. They are a danger to themselves as they have lost all touch with reality. In essence, they are severely mentally ill. I do not know how to put it any other way because they obviously suffer from some mental disorder. It is the only way to explain the madness.

That's why we're building the FEMA death camps, BD!