Saturday, May 31, 2008

So There Were Hijackers?

I was a bit surprised to see this post by Alex Floum on 911 Blogger:

The overwhelming majority of 9/11 skeptics believe that real planes were in fact hijacked, but that the U.S. government knew exactly what they were planning and when they were planning to do it, and that the U.S. air force was intentionally stood down so that the attacks could succeed. In other words, we're not saying that the rogue elements within the U.S. government which aided and abetted the attacks necessarily chose what country the hijackers were from

What the hell? Whatever happened to the remote controlled planes and the hijackers are still alive arguments? Are you now claiming that the last 4 versions (now 5) of Loose Change were wrong? Can you people make up your minds about anything?

Another poster on 911 Blogger hilariously takes issue with this claim, employing the David Ray Griffin scientific method.

A) It is always dangerous to try to "solve the case:" This allows so called "debunkers" to focus on the holes in our theories and draws attention away from their inadequate "solutions." Even the best hypothesis will leave loose ends and can be debatable in historical research.

Yeah, let's focus on what is really important, because it is not at all about trying to explain what actually happened, it is just about trying to keep the debunkers from making fun of you.

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