Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Sorry State of Troofer Academia

Well the Journal of 9/11 Studies has all but folded up its tent, Richard "Cardboard Box" Gage is the intellectual voice of the movement, and David Ray Griffin is merely rehashing his old books with decreasing interest even among truthers. Their newest attempt at faux intellectualism is the recent release of The Hidden History of 9-11, edited by Marxist economist Paul Zarembka, featuring works by such scholarly figures as Diana Ralph (PhD, social Work) and former water tester Kevin Ryan.

Well, except, even though this is a new release, the work is not original. A quick check of the title page on Amazon shows the following disclaimer, "Originally published under the title the Hidden History of 9-11-2001, part of the series Research of Political Economy, volume 23, in 2006, by JAI Press an imprint of Elsevier".

Once again, I think I am correct to point out, they have peaked.