Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Do They Always Screw Up?

Maybe because they do math like this (in the comments):

If travelling to NYC is too hard, consider donating money. I got the following budget from Les Jamieson:

Hire 250 people to gather signatures
@$10/hr for 30 hrs/week for 4 weeks $30,000

10 team leaders for 30 hrs/week
@$15/hr for 4 months $9,000

Now, if Les is really suggesting that as a budget, he's liable to find himself running a little short on funds before the end of the month. Let's work it out bit by bit, shall we? 250 people times $10/hour is $2,500/hour. Times 30 hours per week is $75,000 per week. Times four weeks is $300,000. DOH!

Ten team leaders times 30 hours per week is 300 hours per week. Times $15/hour is $4,500 per week. We'll forgive the obvious "months" versus "weeks" everywhere else, that's still $18,000, not the $9,000 that was claimed.

Note as well that this comment is in a post detailing how a bunch of Troofers from Boston drove down to New York City to gather signatures. I'm not sure of New York law, but in most jurisdictions, petition circulars themselves need to be registered local voters. Not that I anticipate any possibility that these goofballs will succeed in even coming close to the required number of signatures.