Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bush to Declare Martial Law November 27

Or is that December 27, I couldn't quite make it out on the fax I got from the New World Order, when it became apparent that this Obamania thing had gotten out of control. At any rate, get ready for the Chinese guillotine presses and the FEMA death camps, folks. If only you'd voted for John McCain we could have gone on enslaving you with football and beer, but now we'll have to resort to the real thing.

In other news, CNN is apparently blacking out news of Kevin Barrett's stunning upset in Wisconsin's 3rd District, claiming that incumbent Ron Kind has 63% of the vote to 35% for the Republican, somebody named Stark. It's another Florida situation all over again, and no doubt Kevin will eventually be celebrating his election with an intoxicating beverage, although since he's a Muslim, that won't be alcohol, but camel urine.

Carol Brouillet aka Wonder Woman also pulled off a shocking victory in California's 14th District that the media are currently concealing, maintaining instead that the incumbent, Eshoo (Gesundheit!) has held onto her seat.

Of course, these major victories for the Truther candidates are being overshadowed by the massive election fraud that prevented Cynthia McKinney from becoming the 44th President of the United States.

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