Wednesday, November 05, 2008

David Ray Griffin: Pearl Harbor Denier

From the aforementioned speeches in Japan at 1:40 in:

On a concluding note, and this will be the first time I have stated this in public. Back in 2003, when I sent my manuscript for The New Pearl Harbor into the press, it concluded with a chapter on the original Pearl Harbor. In that chapter I described evidence that the Roosevelt administration had maneuvered Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor. And that it had done this to shock the American people into accepting the necessity of entering the war. Roosevelt had long been telling Winston Churchill
that he would enter the war in Europe as soon as it was politically possible.

But my editor advised me to eliminate this chapter saying it would be too much to ask the American people to change their interpretation of Pearl Harbor at the same time I was asking them to change their interpretation of 9/11. Deciding that she was right, I eliminated that chapter. But I mention it now, in order to indicate that, referring to 9/11 as the New Pearl Harbor has this additional meaning, that just as the White House had arranged in 1941 for the Pearl Harbor attack, in order to enter World War II, so did the White House 60 years later arrange for the 9/11 attacks, this time carrying out the attacks itself in order to initiate its so-called War on
Terror. It is time for countries around the world to withdraw their support for America's 9/11 wars and to expose the deceit of 9/11 itself.

Well as I have always said, kooks are not just kooky in one area. Maybe David Ray Griffin's next book will be The Old Pearl Harbor?