Wednesday, November 05, 2008

David Ray Griffin "Explains" the Bodies

This idiot has touched on this before, but he has never been this explicit, or insulting.  From 53 minutes into his speech.

Griffin:  And I realize I didn't respond earlier to the question about the bodies.  First there were bodies, there were 125 Pentagon workers who were killed.  But we have no evidence that anyone from an airplane died at the Pentagon.  At best we know that bodies from the airplane, and bodies from the Pentagon showed up at the Army's pathology institute.  But these were transported by the FBI and the military and we know that was irregular.  They went from the Pentagon to another building, and then from that building were taken to the pathology institute.  So the bodies from the airplane could have been transferred to that middle building from somewhere else and to the people at the pathology institute they would assume they all came from the Pentagon

Audience member (I assume Adversity1):  Quick question.  Quick question.

Griffin:  No, I really have to respond....

Audience member:  It's about the bodies, it's about the bodies.

Griffin:  I really have to move on.  

Audience member:  Oh yeah, because you are lying.  

Griffin:  (silence) The question about the squibs, those puffs of smoke...  

Griffin never explains exactly why it would be irregular for the FBI and the military to handle the bodies of victims of an attack on a military installation.  Who else would do it, the Red Cross?  Oh wait, they are in on it too!

Once again though, they show how their beliefs are not falsifiable.  They won't even accept court admitted DNA testing, whose accuracy is measured in the chances per thousand of being coincidence, as evidence.  There is nothing they would accept as evidence if it proved them wrong.

And how exactly does he think the pathology lab got the bodies?  I hate to speak of the victims this way, as it seems rude, but think of how offensive this is.  The bodies were mutilated, torn to pieces and burned in the fire.  It would be a bit suspicious if they got 64 bodies with gunshots to the back of their head.  How exactly would the bodies get into this condition?  Did the Pentagon crash another plane, in another location and sift through the wreckage there?  How many hundreds of more conspirators would that require.

I can understand why he doesn't want to answer questions on this, because it is idiotic and offensive.