Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yet More Proof You Can't Parody the Troofers

Lead to an article on Kevin Barrett's result yesterday:

The often controversial former University of Wisconsin lecturer Kevin Barrett was defeated Tuesday in his run for Congress but stills claims victory in the election.

And I thought I was being funny when I wrote that old Hang 'Em High Barrett had won!

Oh, and some more somber news:

In addition, Barrett said he feels he ran a successful campaign despite the many obstacles he faced, including his arrest for violating a Sauk County court order forbidding contact with his family.

No, it's not funny. It's amazingly sad.

9-11 Truth Fever, catch it and get divorced from your wife and separated from your kids.

Update: More details on Barrett's separation and the restraining order:

U.S. Congressional candidate Kevin Barrett, a former one-semester instructor at UW-Madison, was arrested in Madison Tuesday for violating a restraining order filed by his wife, Fatna Bellouchi.

According to Madison Police Officer Lori Chalecki, Barrett turned himself in to police after violating the no-contact provision of his restraining order.

On Sept. 10, Barrett was charged with domestic abuse following a criminal complaint filed by Bellouchi.

According to the complaint, Barrett struck his 14-year-old son several times in the back and threatened Bellouchi with clenched fists.

Note the hilarious excuse by his campaign manager:

Lindgren said he believes Bellouchi filed the report in an effort to draw media attention to her husband.

According to Lindgren, there is no truth to the allegations and the criminal charges will be cleared up soon.

“When Dr. Barrett is cleared, he will be hailed as a hero who beat the system. We hope the media does not fall for this cheap publicity stunt by Dr. Barrett’s wife,” Lindgren said in a statement.

Now that's funny.

Update II: Charges were dropped against Barrett, but he's still the subject of a TRO:

After being arrested on September 9, and accused of hitting his son, a judge found Kevin Barrett innocent. Barrett is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd district. The judge told Barrett to continue staying away from his wife, although the restraining orders for his 11- and 13-year-old sons were dropped. Another hearing will be held on October 16th for disorderly conduct charges.

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