Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/17 Was an Inside Job!

Yesterday afternoon the 12 story building I worked in was rattled by a pair of massive explosions. Fellow employees filed into the hall asking anxiously what it was. I knew the answer of course, thermite. Soon reports filed in from all over the Puget Sound, people were calling 9/11 to the point that it shut down the system in Tacoma. The newspaper finally reported that what happened is a private plane got to close to Air Force One, which was parked for a visit by President Obama at Boeing Field. The Air National Guard down in Portland scrambled a pair of F-15s, and in their hurry to get up to Seattle they broke the sound barrier. Having been stuck on I-5 making that commute several times, I was very jealous.

Anyway, so as it turns out by the time the planes got there, the intruder, a seaplane no less, was gone and there was no intercept (alert David Ray Griffin). It turned away and landed up in Kenmore, where the pilot was later questioned by the Secret Service. Do they really expect us to believe that a seaplane, capable of maybe 80 knots, can outrun a pair of supersonic fighters? Please....


At 18 August, 2010 23:40, Blogger Billman said...

Pfft. James, can you prove it WASN'T actually thermite?

At 19 August, 2010 00:49, Blogger GuitarBill said...

Well, I think the newspaper article James links into the OP does a very good job of proving that thermite was not the cause of the sonic boom created by the pair of F-15s.


In fact, my home turf, Silicon Valley, experiences similar phenomenon when F-15s occasionally land at Moffett Field Naval Air Base.

Source: Wikipedia: Moffett Federal Airfield.

At 19 August, 2010 07:00, Blogger Billman said...

We had a weird incident here in Vegas once. We don't get sonic booms over this land locked part of the country, but the entire valley shook like there was a small Earthquake for about 30-60 seconds. Like there was an extremely long extended sonic boom.

Groom Lake is only 75 miles north, I think. People have always speculated it was the Aurora spyplane(tm) being tested.

I live only a mile from Nellis Air Force base on the upper east end of Vegas, and it's awesome to see the Blue Angels when they are in town. We get a lot of airshows.


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