Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yet Another Member of Convicted Sex Offenders for 9-11 Truth

Box Boy Gage is thrilled to introduce John DiNatale a former Marine with five degrees in engineering who's now a volunteer at Architects and Engineers. As usual, I suspect that Richard has done an excellent job of vetting Mr DiNatale; pity he didn't just Google the guy.


As you can see he was convicted of those crimes in two separate trials, once in New York and the other in New Jersey.  Looking at the victim information, it's pretty obvious he was fooling around with an underaged girl.

I also have my doubts about his military service; I suspect he got those ribbons and medals at a pawn shop.  He talks about crawling through a minefield; somehow I doubt that's the recommended procedure.  Some discussion here about his claimed military service.

Hat tip: CJNewson88 at JREF.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thomas Pynchon Gone Truther?

I have never read any Pynchon, although I have had a copy of Gravity's Rainbow sitting on my shelf next to my 1933 edition of Ulysses. In Pynchon's defense, I am not aware of him ever claiming any of this is anything but fiction, and he has always had a reputation for the theater of the absurd abstract novel, but if he is a Truther, at least the award winning author writes significantly better than the God awful dreck of Steve Alten.

Crackpot paranoia has always been meat and drink for Mr. Pynchon, of course. When "Gravity's Rainbow" implies that the 20th-century European wars were manufactured by an international missile cartel, the book is mutating a commonplace distrust of power structures into an ad absurdum parallel realm. It's the violently mechanized modern world gazed at during an acid trip; evil and perversion seem to crawl like spiders over everything.
"Bleeding Edge," though, merely regurgitates the smugly earnest talking points of 9/11 Truthers. Thus we're told that before the attacks there was an unusual amount of short selling of United and American Airlines, as well as of Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, suggesting a "foreknowledge of a decline in their stock prices." Even terminology is evidence: "Ground Zero" was a Cold War phrase referring to nuclear strikes, so the purpose of reusing it "is to get people . . . [c]ranked up, scared, and helpless." Wake up, sheeple!

This does, however, speak to a point I have made a couple of times in the past. One of the reasons conspiracy theories are so popular is that they present an intriguing literary and historical puzzle for people to solve. As Dan Brown as shown, even the most mediocre talent can turn a hint of a conspiracy into a popular cultural event. Even I (and yes you can start the mediocre talent jokes) have added a bit of conspiracy into an as yet unpublished novel I have been working on. People just like unveiling secrets, it is part of who we are as humans.

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That...

Oh, no, they've got taxicab ads!

What's next, bus stop ads? The guy in that video, Rich McCampbell? He's a process engineer, which as far as I can figure out, has to do with chemistry. Not structures. But hey, he's an engineer, just like Choo-Choo Charlie.

Here's a video where someone claims Luke Rudkowski was taken to court over the alleged embezzlement of We Are Change funds. I don't know the truth of the claims in the video; just throwing it out there to see if someone can find out what's the real story:

Update: Orphia Nay links to this "indictment"; as she points out, it looks like some sort of "freemen on the land" BS.

The WAC-jobs have kind of fallen off our radar lately, but as it happens, they came up again in an amusing way. Over at 9-11 Blogger, someone posted a video called the Four Horsemen. I haven't watched it fully; it has little to do with 9-11 Troofy Troof, but instead seems to be the usual moaning about why aren't the rich giving me their money. But it's produced by these people. Who have a YouTube Channel here. And guess who's their only partner channel? Yep, We Are Change.

Now, there certainly is some overlap of interest between the Renegade Economist folks and the WAC-jobs. Both of them, for example, are obsessed about the Federal Reserve and private banks. But what I find particularly amusing is that while the WAC-jobs oppose the one-world government (aka New World Order) passionately, the Renegade Economist claque embrace it:

A just and sustainable global society is achievable. Civilization makes greatest progress when previously competing groups come to recognize the value of cooperation in the pursuit of common objectives. Only when cooperation becomes the defining characteristic in social relations will a just and inclusive global society emerge. It's time for the next great leap.


Global problems demand global solutions. Relations between nations must advance from competition to cooperation. The universal values on which progress depends are non-negotiable: they cannot be modified to suit particular societies or cultures.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Then Why Focus on Building 7?

Box Boy Gage's group responds to criticism of their "Rethink 9-11" campaign:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth responded on Thursday, taking issue with the notion they were being insensitive to run the campaign. They also said their campaign is sponsored by a group representing more than 100 victims' family members.

"To Councillor Deans and to all who question our sensitivity and legal right to run the ReThink911 ads, we would like to make clear: the ReThink911 coalition includes 9/11 victims’ family members who want nothing more than an accurate and unbiased accounting of the death of their loved ones," the group said in a letter published on their website.
 But of course no 9-11 victims died in WTC-7.  Not one. In context, the third (fourth, really; the Troofers always forget about the Marriot) tower to collapse that day is a bit of trivia for that reason.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playing "A Beautiful Mind: The Home Game"

Kevin "Waterboy" Ryan has always been one of the nuttier and delusional members of the 9/11 Truth community, but I swear, he seriously needs to be checked for paranoid schizophrenia. Here he is on the Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today pimping his Another 19 book.

There is much to choose from, but the most bizarre part is when he repeats this whole "we carried out 9/11 to invade Iraq and Afghanistan" thing.

Well there were many benefits, among them obviously the seizure of natural resources in countries like Iraq, which has the world's second largest reserves of oil, and Afghanistan which has natural gas and other mineral resources. And really the fact that in our day in age, whoever controls Eurasia controls the world, so it does appear that the war on terror driven on 9/11 was motivated by the seizure of Eurasian resources and that is what we have seen happen since 9/11.

Uhh, yeah. And exactly how much Iraqi oil do we control now? We invaded Afghanistan for the natural gas? Seriously? According to the CIA World Factbook Afghanistan produces about 38 million cubic meters of natural gas per year, which puts it less than half of that economic powerhouse, Gabon. The US by comparison produces over 650 billion cubic meters  per year, so otherwise we match their yearly production about every half an hour.

And how is that pipeline that Lauro Chavez guarded coming along?

Friday, September 13, 2013

More Amusement

The idiot Niels Harrit lost his lawsuit:

Harrit had sued Soren Villemoes and editor Anne Knudsen for libel after the Weekend newspaper had brought a commentary written by Villemoes who said Niels Harrit was "an idiot".

But Niels Harrit has not been upheld. Copenhagen City Court today announces the reporter that Sean Villemoes and Anne Knudsen has been acquitted.

Better still, the idiot Harrit was ordered to pay court costs of 15,000 Kroner.  Each Kroner is worth about 18 cents, so that's the equivalent of about $2,700.

Hat Tip: Steve S in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the Million Muslim March came up few short of a million.  Like about 999,970:

Hat Tip: Richard Gage's Testicles, also in the comments.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

12th Anniversary Roundup

Doltish Truther arrested for defacing 9-11 Memorial in Louisiana.

Lafayette Police have arrested Salvador Perez, 35, of Lafayette and charged him with criminal damage to a historic building and criminal trespassing. He faces fines of up to $1,000 and as much as two years in jail on the criminal damage charge.

According to police, Perez placed two cardboard cutout images of crashing planes -- and a nearby cutout of former Pres. George Bush holding what appears to be a wad of cash and a remote control unit -- at the memorial.
Note the usual creative facial hair.

Hat Tip: David Banner, in the comments section.

About 20 WAC-jobs showed up at Times Square this year; one signal benefit of the Rethink 9-11 campaign is that it got those dopes away from Ground Zero.  Here's their live feed from yesterday.  Haven't watched it all, but so far it seems to be mostly them complaining about the heat and discussing how long their batteries will hold out.

Time covers the Rethink campaign.

Plastered to the side of the Doubletree Hotel, you’ll see an ad for a new ABC television showdigital posters for Broadway staples. Look east and you’ll see a 54-foot tall, 48-foot wide sign, that says, “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?”

Arresting photo of the moment the South Tower started to fall.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ben Swann Drinks the Kook-Aid

Never heard of this guy before, but surfing over to his website, I see he's kind of a kinder, gentler Alex Jones.  Lots of fear-mongering about Agenda 21, the Federal Reserve, Obama's gonna take your guns, etc.  He announced last week that he was going to "take on" the Rethink 9-11 Campaign, Richard Gage's latest effort to reanimate the corpse of 9-11 Troof.

I had little hope for this to begin with; about the best that could be anticipated was that he would yammer something about how the Truthers were distracting people from the very real dangers we face because (insert alternate paranoid fantasy here).

Instead, he took on the task of sucking up big-time to the Truthers, repeating every talking point from Gage and the others like a trained parrot.

Rethink 911 is the first ever global 9/11 anniversary campaign. Sponsored by a coalition of more than 40 organizations, ReThink911 is placing ads in 11 major cities around the world this September 2013.
But what is there to rethink? According to a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, you need to start by rethinking the third building that fell that day.
And it goes downhill from there.  Tony Zamboni gives the usual bs about how no building in history every came down that way that wasn't a controlled demolition, and works in his usual spiel about the missing jolt.  Bob McIlvaine repeats his bizarre claim that his son died before the planes hit:

I can say with confidence that Bobbie died, and I can say with confidence before the planes hit.   So the point is, the planes had nothing to do with his death and I could prove that in a court of law pretty easily.
And they've got a new poll!
According to that poll, 38% of Americans have doubts about the official account of 9/11 and 10% do not believe it at all.  That is compared to only a minority of those polled, 40% who are completely satisfied.
Well, that's giving a very generous reading to the actual poll results (PDF file)

40% I am completely satisfied with the government’s account
38% I have some doubts as to whether the government’s account fully explains
10% I do not believe the government’s account at all
12% I don’t know/ Not sure
Some doubts as to whether the government's account fully explains everything? That's not tinfoil hat territory by any means; I might even go along with that statement.  They want you to lump the 38% who are reasonably skeptical that everything has been disclosed, with the 10% who are nutters.  I'd say that the 38% should go with the 40%; call them people who are generally satisfied with the government's explanation, but may have minor doubts about some of the details.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Richard Gage: Hard at Work, or Hardly Working?

You may recall that Box Boy Gage claims on the IRS forms for his group that he works 80 hours a week.  Sunup to Sundown, all 7 days in other words.  But I guess Gage's work is like an iceberg, where 90% of it is hidden.  Check out his upcoming events calendar.

Three of the "upcoming" events have already passed; the only real future event is in DC in September, and even that one is marked "tentative".  I assume that's the Pentagon kookery event we talked about a couple weeks ago.  BTW, that event is now a sell-out.  And even there, Gage is only scheduled for 30 minutes.