Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Film Coming

Michael Berger is coming out with a film called "Improbable Collapse". As you can probably guess, the two "l"s in collapse are the World Trade Center Towers. There's a preview here.

Steven Jones makes an appearance in this film, trying his hand at statistics. Typically for a 9-11 Denier out of his field, he does very poorly. He claims that the odds against a steel building coming down by fire are roughly 1 in 400. Of course, no odds are given for steel building coming down after being hit by a 767, and then burning. As for WTC 7, it did not solely come down from fire; it was also pelted with debris from WTC 1.

Berger is the "media coordinator" for


At 28 September, 2006 08:13, Blogger Pepik said...

Liars, damned liars... and truthers.

At 28 September, 2006 08:29, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

Good Ole Kevin Ryan!!!

I mean seriously Ryan and Jones hve impeccable character!!!

Combine these 2 with Alex Jones and the END IS NEAR for the Neo Cons!!

At 28 September, 2006 08:36, Blogger Good Lieutenant said...

Another movie in pursiuit of the twoof?

Snore. Loose Change's failure to withstand even the most cursory scrutiny (while it is held up as the model nutter film in the "movement") pretty much ruined the collective credibility of this community of freaks long ago.

Screw Improbable Collapse blog in the near future?

At 28 September, 2006 08:46, Blogger MarkyX said...

Didn't Hitler say something about repeating the lie over and over again until people believe it?

I really love Godwin's law.

At 28 September, 2006 09:17, Blogger SFC B said...

I'm curious how one calculates the odds of a building collapsing due to fire. What sort of assumptions were made in that calculation? What sort of building was it? And even if it's a 1 in 400 chance that seems pretty damned high. I'd be willing to bet that if you subjected the WTC towers to the same damage they sustained from the planes on 9-11 they'd collapse far more than 1 in every 400 times.

I just have this image of Professor Jones looking into the camera and saying "They've done studies you know. 60% of the time thermite destroys the buildings every time."

At 28 September, 2006 10:24, Blogger CHF said...

All these movies without Jones having presented any reasonable explanation for how thermite could have burned sideways through multiple beams at the same time.

At 28 September, 2006 10:25, Blogger CHF said...

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At 28 September, 2006 10:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question for any CT's that might be reading through the comments: does it bother you guys at all that the leading proponents of the Hijacker/Demolition/Missile/Secret-NASA-base theory casually and repeatedly lie to you?

At 28 September, 2006 12:11, Blogger Abby Scott said...

Hey chf, just read your Time letter!

Very well said.

At 28 September, 2006 12:37, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

Why do they keep recycling the same, OLD BULLSHAITE. My god, it is S. Jones, and of course, no CT film would be complete with out the CT Pope himself, Griffin I.

It is getting pathetic now. I guess ya gotta feed the CT masses, and we all know that the only proof is that of documentaries made by fellow CTers.


At 28 September, 2006 15:09, Blogger CHF said...

Cheers Abby!

Although I was dissapointed that they didn't include my ridiculing of these loons by name. Killtown being into Holocaust Denial etc.

At 29 September, 2006 13:22, Blogger PhilBiker said...

Kooks and wack-jobs.

At 02 October, 2006 10:36, Blogger lenox7 said...

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