Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Love It When This Happens

Talking about the upcoming debate on Hardfire, one of the Deniers says about Mark (Gravy) Roberts:

Don't let him pull his usual "you think the firemen were in on it" lazy tactic, just remind him that WHOEVER was behind the attacks the firemen and rescue workers are national heroes who went into those building regardless of who purpatrated (sic) these acts.It takes absolutly (sic) nothing away from the firemen who gave there (sic) lifes (sic) to save others.

Dylan responds:

he plays that card EVERYWHERE. they insist that's what you've said, even if there's no verifiable record of it being done. and he claims we fabricate things?

Jason Bermas at Ground Zero on 9/9/06:

"Listen, people have to keep silent if they want to keep their government jobs. The firefighters are paid off!"

Best part? This is Dylan's own video! Time to "do-over" again!


At 30 November, 2006 15:28, Blogger BoggleHead said...

proof the CIA killed bobby kennedy

At 30 November, 2006 15:36, Blogger CHF said...

Oh Dylan, you clumsy little retard, you....

Do you really think we're gonna forget things like "the firefighters are paid off?"

At 30 November, 2006 16:00, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

In related news....

These guys have no idea what they are in for. Ron will insure not only civility, but he and Mark will, unlike most MSM anchors, insure that these guys are forced to answer a particular point, and not bounce from CT sound byte to sound byte.


At 30 November, 2006 16:28, Blogger CHF said...

I can easily see the LC boys walking out cursing and swearing.

I've seen these punks "debate." All they do is yell and scream and change topics, refusing to answer questions.

They'll start to complain if they're made to stay on topic. I'll be amazed if they stay for the full hour.

At 30 November, 2006 16:54, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

Dylan is such a complete and total tool.

BTW way to dtay on topic there bogglehead!!

At 30 November, 2006 17:17, Blogger pomeroo said...

Chf, I see it pretty much as you do.

At 01 December, 2006 02:28, Blogger Pepik said...

"I'm not calling anyone a liar! You're a liar!"

Ron is going to have have a library of screenshots, video, and papers at hand so these guys can't just deny what they've said in the past. He many need a dedicated A/V just to handle all the lies he needs to document.

At 01 December, 2006 05:08, Blogger default.xbe said...

Oh Dylan, you clumsy little retard, you....

Do you really think we're gonna forget things like "the firefighters are paid off?"

from what ic an tell CTers dont seem tot hink "paid off" emans "involved"

i dont know how or why that is, if a man in a suit gives you a large sum of money and tell you not to talk about 9/11 only a truther wouldnt have a sudden attack of conscience

...oh wait...that explains it...

At 01 December, 2006 15:27, Blogger remdem said...

proof the CIA killed bobby kennedy

Yeah, we really screwed that one up, didn't we? I told Fred not to leave those documents at the Starbucks, but he insisted that anyone who wielded such evidence would be called a "conspiracy kook" and ignored.

At 02 December, 2006 17:52, Blogger BoggleHead said...

remdem, that's Goebbel's theory of The Big Lie at work, isn't it?

you ask for proof of the conspiracy and then when you have it, you insist that "proof" as you've defined it, can't exist

it's all on the SLC forum anyway, though

At 03 December, 2006 12:32, Blogger Alex said...

lol. yes, 3 CIA agents were at the hotel. proof positive that they shot Kennedy!

In other news, two Jehovas Witnesses came to my door a couple days ago. For some reason, when I tried blaming my burned dinner on Jehovas Witnesses, nobody believed me. They're all such mindless sheep....they don't know the first thing about Da Twoof!


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