Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jones Out, "Scholars" Plan More Meetings

Steven Jones has now officially resigned from the "Scholars". Uncle Fetzer expresses regret, which is kind of odd since he all but had Jones hung as a counter-revolutionary. Additionally Fetzer has now decided that the solution is to hold a conference in which they can discuss which theories are the really stupid ones. I will take "D. All of the above". Notice the conference is being held in that tourist Mecca of Madison Wisconsin, I guess Fetzer and Barrett don't feel like buying plane tickets.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Good News and the Bad

The bad news is that, as a consequence of an increasing disparity in our approach and attitude toward the science and the politics of 9/11 research, Steve Jones has resigned as a member of Scholars. He intends to continue his research on these events, however, and it is in all of our interests that his contributions to the community should continue. The good news is, because of the contentious nature of issues that have arisen, Scholars is organizing a conference to be devoted to

The Science of 9/11: Controversial Aspects

which will be held in mid- to late-July in Madison, WI. There will be a key-note speaker and five major sessions devoted to the issues that have tended to divide us. As the program chair, I am inviting Steve Jones to organize a panel discussion of the use of conventional means for destroying the Twin Towers. I am inviting Judy Wood to organize a panel discussion on non-conventional means, including high-tech directed energy weaponry, that might have been used to destroy the World Trade Center. I am inviting Morgan Reynolds to organize a panel on planes/no planes at the WTC and George Nelson on the Pentagon and Shanksville.


A check of their website shows that Jones has been removed from the rolls. But guess who is back.

Judy Wood (FM)
Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Materials Engineering Science, http://janedoe0911.tripod.com/

Whoever knew the truth was so malleable.


At 05 December, 2006 21:07, Blogger Alex said...

"And I am inviting Mike Myers to organize a panel discussion on 9/11's connection to Queen Beatrix and KFC."

At 05 December, 2006 22:18, Blogger ScottSl said...

Off topic


The woman, Wendy Burlingame, 32, was discovered by firefighters in a short hallway between the kitchen and the bedroom of her 10th-floor apartment where the four-alarm fire began

Hat tip Russell



At 05 December, 2006 23:06, Blogger Bubbers said...



Must have joined after that thread. God some of these people are just sick. Disgusting. No respect for the victims at all and yet they dedicate their shitty joke of a documentary to them. Just sick.

At 06 December, 2006 01:41, Blogger The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

Hey look! She's a civil engineering again!

Didn't she quit over her resume being padded?

At 06 December, 2006 04:50, Blogger S. King said...

"Whoever knew the truth was so malleable."


However, it should make The National 9/11 Debate next August very entertaining as Fetzer, Jones et al debate and fight each other over which of their conspiracy theories they're going to put up against the "government story."

At 06 December, 2006 07:15, Blogger CHF said...

Wonderful. The laser beam people are firmly back at the helm. Right where they should be.

At 06 December, 2006 07:20, Blogger CHF said...

There will be a key-note speaker and five major sessions devoted to the issues that have tended to divide us.

What issues DOESN'T divide these kooks?

Funny that this is coming from Fetzer - a backer of the laser beam theory that even had many twoofers shaking their heads in disbelief.

At 06 December, 2006 07:37, Blogger ewing2001 said...


Roger Peters aka dz (911blogger.com) annouced fake peace and fake uncensorship

By ewing2001

UPDATE 12/06:

Roger Peters aka dz (911blogger.com) annouced fake peace and fake uncensorship


Peters continues to lie and using double swords:

Submitted by dz on Tue, 12/05/2006 - 9:48pm

"...no users have been banned in over a month, and if anyone were currently blocked and wanted that changed all they would have to do is email me...."

(ed: This is a lie, as seen below. Peters/FloumGeorgeWash are still blocking IP addresses and block anonymizers)

911blogger.com to change censorship rules again? (12/05)

picked up at:

Upcoming Site Changes and Downtime

Tue, 12/05/2006

(ed: 911bloglines.com thinks that Roger Peters aka dz aka dazinith should remove GeorgeWash aka Floum (st911) from 911blogger.com, if he wanna show real "honesty" and/or cooperation.

So far someone at 911b banned several members and censored blog entries and replies.

911bloglines.com is aware that 911b also banned several other IPs, at least 5 anonymizers
and also if someone is using particular anonymizers, they cannot post anonymous,
because the Image Recognition Field is blocked.

Also with some anonymizers, the hidden comments cannot be clicked into "unhidden".

That means as long as these secret tech "rules" do exist, the 'cyberwar' against 911blogger.com will continue and definetely also the re-infiltrations with the topics:

1) Orwellianisation of the 9/11 Truthling Movement
2) Exotic Weaponry on 9/11 and since then
3) 9/11 TV Fakery

If dz aka RP doesn't change these rules, it will be reported on our weekly radio podcast show, no matter if it gets recorded or not.

Submitted by dz on Tue, 12/05/2006 - 2:37am:

"...Just checking out my blog I see it has been about a month since the changes to blog entry submissions. I had not intended it to take as long as it has, nor did I intend for us to be in the position of approving/rejecting blog entries this long either. I am sure that we have pushed some buttons in playing this role, or for making people feel rejected, etc. - so to anyone who has had a blog entry not approved I would like to apologize. I have probably upset quite a large cross section of users across a gamut of reasons so again, I am sorry.

As I stated a little over a month ago it is my intention to put the blog moderation into the hands of the community, and not the team members of this site alone. Putting the moderators of this site into the process of blog submissions was unfortunately necessary given a number of shortcomings to the initial implementation. I'd like to say thank you to the majority of users who have given us the benefit of the doubt, and to those that didn't, well I'm sure I'll hear your complaints over the new system as well ;)

(ed: see also

9/11 Truthling Cult Watch: How Tom Weiss (UpfrontNews) is sabotaging/bandwagoning a coup d'etat concept at ny911truth

(see Addendum Weiss/Haupt Exchange 12/05 at http://911closeup.com/nico/911truthling1204.html )


* Posted on: Wed, Dec 6 2006 8:33 AM

Let's put the facts as boldly and wide open on the table to analyse the current
situation between ny911truth.org, 911truth.org and the 9/11 "truth" movement itself.

"We're" doing this boldly because the purpose *IS* actually to indeed destabilize the top of this structure
or to confuse and weaken the self-appointed leadership of this 9/11 "truth" movement.

It is done to minimize their "limited hangout" manipulations, their abusive power and to make sure that the leadership will not be replaced by similar elements.

I consider the 9/11 Truth Movement as a CULT.
We're all currently 'victims' of this cult concept, among them honest and once respected 9/11 Researchers plus
former members of the 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance (2002-2006).

Fact is for me/us, that 911truth.org is manipulated with a cointel-pro concept.
Fact is also that URANTIA member Les Jamieson leads ny911truth.
Fact is also that STARWARS associates lead the "9/11 Truth Movement" (also called "untruth-" or DoubleSpeak Movement),
which we indentified as the so-called Orwellian 9/11 Truthlings or as expressed with another CartoonLanguage: 'STARWARS Axis of Evil':

Robert Bowman (StarWars concept under Ronald Reagan),
who wants to create an Orwellian doublespeak-9/11 "Truth" party and recently "announced" to run
as a President in 2008.
His brainwashed Followers add constantly new "truthers" and hijacked the word "truth" now also
for absurde personalities like Dustin Hoffman or Scott Ritter.
see 911blogger.com

Steven E. Jones (former and/or current associate of Los Alamos and Department of Energy= DOE, who worked on exotic weaponry like
Cold Fusion (see also a half-hearted and dishonest analysis of breakfornews) , Sonoluminescence and other exotic weaponry.
see also
Steven Jones, David Kubiak- The Los Alamos Connections

Jim Hoffman (Plagiarizer of the "'wtc 7 research' red herring" and himself a Planehugger reg. Pentagon, Shanksville and NYC)
His family received pre 9/11 STARWARS/Project Trailblazer contracts.
Hoffmans Uncle Jack Hoffman is married with June Armstrong.
Her brother Neil Armstrong ("NASA Moon Missions") received, among many other privatized Military- and Intelligence Contracors) ,
NSA - and NRO contracts for his company Veridian, close to LOCKHEED and RAYTHEON.
Other companies have been i.e. BoozAllen Hamilton (ex-CIA and PNAC James Woolsey) and BTG Inc.,
who worked on this project and officially got killed in that part of the Pentagon on 9/11, which got attacked.

This STARWARS/Project Trailblazer Research was well known and laid out in ewing2001-articles at globalfreepress during 2004, also at team8plus.org
then sabotaged by Mike Ruppert and others.

The 9/11 Truth Movement turned into a CULT a long time ago.
Also at the TOP:

The function of a "god" = David Ray Griffin

Griffin, influenced by new age spiritual kook Alfred North Whitehead, supports a so called "NEW WORLD ORDER" concept and a chinese pantheism cult, http://www.ctr4process.org/projects/china/china_eng.shtml
which is ironically a red herring to distract and blur the Transnational Concept of Globalist Fascists who wants to control the world with privatized Intelligence and Military.
They also obviously plan 'WW4/5' (according to Neocons Eliot Cohen, Norman Podhoretz and James Woolsey WW3 was already the "cold war" and ww4 started right after 9/11, see also 'Bird Flu': From psyOP and population control to "WW4") between U.S. (bogus war on terror, bogus concept Al-Quaida etc..), Russia (gangsterism, mafia, Radiation/Polonium 210- terrorism threataganda against aviation, China (Weaponized Bird Flu and other WMD).
This thesis is i.e. ignored by Alex Jones, LaRouche and Webster Tarpley.

David Ray Griffin to Angie d'Urso, January 2005 on his views on a "theological new world order":

"...In finding the idea of global government of any sort dangerous, you are certainly endorsing the conventional view. But if you are interested, I would be happy to send you some writings in which I try to show why this conventional view needs to be rethought. Of course, I don’t know exactly why you find the very idea of global government creepy..."

God's bodyguards, let's call them DOGs are here:

1) Steven E. Jones, who represents the scientific and military arm of the movement.
2) HIS bodyguard is GeorgeWashington (*Masonic meme in his nickname) aka Attorney Alexander Floum (his law company represents ICANN, LosAlamos and DOE clients),
who bought and ran the domain of st911.org (9/11 Scholars) in 2005 and censors and controls
at 911blogger.com, itself infiltrated with trolls, US Intelligence Daisy Committees, hangouters,
false-hope patsies, flagwavers, Orwellians and other "helpful idiots", fighting the evidence on 9/11 TV Fakery and ExoticWeaponry. Among the most "prominent" ones: Casseia (allegedly girlfriend of "Somebigguy"), Jonathan "Hangout" Gold, John Albanese, stallion4 (ex-bluelemur), em7, NJcpaTOM (recently "banned" at Pilotsfor911Truth, a planehugger project), YT, johndoeX (-911PilotsforTruth), Dem Bruce Lee Styles, and some others, also often posting anonymously with double identities (Never Forget..., MatchCase etc..), see also Are NPT and Energy Weapons COINTELPRO disinfo? (12/04/2006 )

3) The $$-angle (money angle) and hangout angle: Alex Jones and LooseChange.
4) Some former or current spooks, also supported by wannabee spooks (CartoonLanguage):
Ray McGovern, David Shayler, Robert Steele (temporary attempt) and many others. (9/11 Truthlings however do appreciate end enjoy that Spooks and Military are running this "movement")!

The irony is that none of these Spooks clearly expressed yet, that 9/11 was an "InsideJob" or FalseFlag Operation or also "OutsideJob" at the same time as in using "INSIDE-JOB puppets and plumbers" to destroy the United States in the long run, to be replaced by an Eurasian Business Concept (Goldman Sachs, SCO, BRICs and others).....

more at
Submitted by Anonym Mousse (not verified) on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:04am.
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That post is like a bad soap opera. What a bunch of horse dung!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:13am.
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Anonymous (0) is a
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Anonymous (0) is a shill

December 6, 2006
Video: David Lynch responds with Orwellian 9/11 Truthling "Bowman Drivel" after confronted with 9/11 Conspiracy and LooseChange
By ewing2001

picked up at:


Video: David Lynch responds with Orwellian 9/11 Truthling "Bowman Drivel" after confronted with 9/11 Conspiracy and LooseChange

(911bloglines.com Editorial 12/06)

Lynch responds with a Henceish, Bowellian drivel, possibly also to promote

the PR campaign for Loose Change. Lynch appears to be the same doublespeak

Matrix Supporter like the Wacholski Brothers, David Cronenberg and the Orwellian Leadership of the 9/11 Truthling Movement.

Lynch talks about "seeing evth in a new light" and talks about pentagon first and then "pull it" which bothers him.

"Many questions, no answers...This is too big. This is someone, noone wants to think about...."
David Lynch speaks about 9/11
6 min 57 sec - Dec 5, 2006

see also


Submitted by Anonym Mousse (not verified) on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:19am.
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UPDATES: http://www.bloglines



Stormfront Neonazi inspired by Jon Moseley Spam

BFN Audio: "CIA Fakes" Skip Town

Video FAQ: StarWars/Exotic Weaponry Producer Steven E Jones

By ewing2001

picked up at:
Added November 23, 2006
From xblackjesusx
Professor Steven Jones fends off spacebe Professor Steven Jones fends off spacebeamers at UC Berkeley November 11, 2006

(ed: see also:
December 5, 2006
Wikipedia Entry about Steven "Los Alamos" Jones corrected and updated

Coffinman "9/11" Video: Steven Jones refuses to defendWTC planes

Professor Jones ignores crashphysics.blogspot letter

Video: Prof. Steven Jones' paper is not peer-reviewed

* Posted on: Wed, Dec 6 2006 12:33 AM

December 5, 2006
Wikipedia 9/11 Entry about Steven "Los Alamos" Jones corrected and updated

By ewing2001

picked up at:


December 05, 2006

* Posted on: Tue, Dec 5 2006 11:36 PM

911logic.blogspot: 9/11 Eyewitness Report Cards, Installment II

By ewing2001

picked up at:


(check out also
Last posts

* 9/11 Eyewitness Report Cards, Installment II: "Theresa Renault"
* 9/11 Eyewitness Report Cards, Installment I: Rose Arce
* 9/11 CNN Pipeline: As (the media wants you to think) it Happened
* 9/11 TV-Fakery Whistleblower: Pinocchio Exposes Nose-Out Fairy Tale – Part II: The Cover-Up )

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
9/11 Eyewitness Report Cards, Installment II: "Theresa Renault"

Introduction - "Theresa Renault"

“Theresa Renault” was being interviewed by Bryant Gumbel on CBS at the time of the “second impact.” “Theresa” is explaining to Bryant that she both saw and heard the first explosion at WTC1, although she never actually saw any plane. My searches for Teresa/Theresa Renault in the downtown Manhattan area have come up empty, as the closest I’ve come is Theresa M. Renault, almost 90 miles away in New Paltz, NY.

Analysis – "Theresa Renault’s Eyewitness Account”

“Theresa” claims to have been inside her office at 8th Avenue and 16th Street in Chelsea. According to her, she works in “the tallest building in the area.” According to Google Earth, this places her inside the building at 111 8th Avenue.

This building has a fascinating history, to go along with its equally intriguing tenant list, which also now includes Google.

Almost as fascinating: once again we have a witness claiming to have heard a “very loud” explosion while indoors from over 2 miles away....

* Posted on: Tue, Dec 5 2006 9:39 PM

12/10 -4 PM EST: 911bloglines.com on blogtalkradio.com

By ewing2001

check out also 911bloglines.com for :

# John Albanese on his new "anti-StarWars" movie
# Coffinman "9/11" Video: Steven Jones refuses to defend WTC planes
# InfoshopNews/Counterpunch: The 9/11 Conspiracists and the Decline of the American Left
# 12/15: "Boston 9/11 Truth" presents Bob "2008" Bowman and John "Hangout" Albanese
# 12/10: Free NYC Screening of Hangout Doku 911 Press for Truth
# 9/11 Truthling Radio Check Roundup: Barrett, Jamieson, Heller, Berger etc...
# BFN: Was Steven Jones A 'CIA Mole' To Discredit Cold Fusion?
# Coffinman: How sound affects form
# 12/03: No call-in - Skypecast Interview with Planehugger David Hawkins
# 911blogger.com, truth911.net : COINTELPRO - Has 9/11 Truth been inflitrated?
# chrisbornag: 9/11stealth WTC FEMA TRIPOD Terror Drills Choppers were Used
# Threataganda: U.S. warns of Cyber Attack by Al Qaeda/"Al-Firdaws"
# 9/11- CGI-Animation Remake: Explosion at wrong side (11/29)
# Ed Haas/Muckracker with new hangout 9/11 prior knowledge "story"
# New 911Logic Blog: 9/11 Eyewitness Report Cards, Installment I: Rose Arce
# Professor Jones ignores crashphysics.blogspot letter
# Red Herring or not? Pre 9/11 -"Option Market Activity"
# 12/03: SF "9/11 Truth" Meeting
# New WTC 6 Website speculates about "exotic weaponry"
Submitted by Anonym Mousse (not verified) on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:24am.
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NOTE: Any attempt to ban my

NOTE: Any attempt to ban my IP will be ignored.

This website is saved, updated and mirrored at

At 06 December, 2006 07:38, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...


Woods is back!!

This is the best thing ever!!!!

The douchebags will soon be eating one another!!

At 06 December, 2006 11:46, Blogger Alex said...

Ewing, I don't know if anyone's pointed this out to you, but your posts are such obvious spam that I doubt anyone bothers reading them. I know that I personally only need to see the confused jumble of words and links making up the first 2-3 sentences of your post before I start spinning my mouse wheel, looking for the next post. Is there actually a point to your spam, or are you just posting it for the sake of posting?

At 06 December, 2006 12:29, Blogger Triterope said...

Ewing, I don't know if anyone's pointed this out to you, but your posts are such obvious spam that I doubt anyone bothers reading them.


At 06 December, 2006 15:55, Blogger S. King said...

Alex said...

"Ewing, I don't know if anyone's pointed this out to you, but your posts are such obvious spam that I doubt anyone bothers reading them.

Ewing is the (in)famous Nico Haupt of "Holograms-hit-the-WTC-Towers" fame. He has always had his pulse on the "9/11 conspiracy soap opera", providing up-to-the-minute reports on the latest plot and actors real-life sagas.

Don't dismiss him too readily - he knows all the dirt on 9/11 Deniers.

And he's one of the best disinfo agents in the business.

At 07 December, 2006 00:00, Blogger Alex Constantine said...

"Spam," "disinfo" and "soap opera" are generalizations, and I suppose you'd be more specific, but you're afraid that Nico will flatten your arguments, so you leave it at that.

We know that Nico once thought holograms were used – he was trying to make sense of the data that he had on hand. An investigation of this size and complexity will be occasioned by missteps – I don't care who is doing it, there is so much disinformation floating around, it's inevitable. Even the scientists can't agree on essential points.

So what do you have besides the usual discreditation strategies? Nico is specific – you can check his facts. Your abstractions aren't even accurate: "Spam" doesn't apply to a single web posting. "Soap opera" is a disparaging and awkward metaphor. "Disinfo" isn't explained, and this means with the inclusion of biographical data ... of the sort Nico provides.

Do you work in the advertising industry?

At 07 December, 2006 17:10, Blogger Alex said...

Nico's an idiot. I don't care HOW confused you are, you need to be quite a few cards short of a full deck in order to believe that the WTC was hit by holograms. Him admitting being wrong after the fact changes nothing, the guy's still a nut.

At 31 December, 2006 23:37, Blogger Budest said...

There are so many unanswered questions.
Why did bldg #7 collapse after Larry Silverstein said "there was so much loss of life and the fire chief said he did not know if he could contain the fires so I said 'pull it' AND WE WATCHED THE BLDG GO DOWN" what more evidence do you need? The rest is the evidence being taken away , against Federal Law so the the twisted beams coulld n ot be analysed. There is so nuch evidence of fishyness that we need an impartial independent investigation

At 27 January, 2007 15:27, Blogger John Doraemi said...

While you rightly point out some charlatans have proclaimed themselves leaders of a 911 truth movement, you remain as full of shit as they are.

The white house was warned, repeatedly, and they deliberately did nothing. I can prove this. It isn't difficult, and is already out in the press if you bother to read.

As for specifics of the day's events, there has been a cover up. We do not know the actual truth. Norad has told three conflicting mutually exclusive stories.

We do have lovely full color video of the Kindergarten Commander in Chief reading about a goat while allegedly being told "America is Under Attack." I don't believe that was what he was told. The Washington Times claims Ari Fleischer held up a sign that said in big block letters: "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET." (10-7-02)

But you see, Bush was personally moved out of his high rise hotel less than 2 months prior in Genoa Italy, because of a "known plot to assassinate Bush and other world leaders" by "al Qaeda" using "hijacked commercial jets" and "crashing them into the summit of industrialized nations" (LA Times 9-27-01)

For those without the mathematical capacity to put 2 and 2 together, I'll reiterate:










We also have the acting head of the FBI Pickard, being told by John Ashcroft (psychotic Attorney General at the time) that Ashcroft didn't want to hear anymore about terrorism. This was the same time frame that George Tenet's "hair was on fire" allegedly overwhelmed with so many terrorism warnings, including from a dozen foreign intelligence services.

There are several dozen more warnings I could go into, but you idiots don't actually care about the truth. That much is crystal clear.

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State


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