Saturday, February 03, 2007

Let's Hop in the Wayback Machine

Now when Stalin had his political opponents airbrushed out of photos, it at least made sense. He had control of the media and government, there was no one to oppose him. These guys trying to pretend Eric D. Williams had no major role in the 9/11 accountability conference, are just being silly. You see, there is this little thing called the Internet...

So let's hop in our Wayback Machine, courtesy of Google.

From January 11, on 9/11 blogger, a post which received 92 comments and a perfect score of 10, reprinting an article from the Arizona Republic on the conference:

A national conference focusing on conspiracy theories tied to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is coming to Chandler next month.

"We are taking the information one step further, and we want to raise accountability," said Eric D. Williams, a filmmaker and conference co-chairman.

Odd, not a single complaint that Williams was not the conference co-chair.

A week later, they interviewed Williams about the conference. Also from 9/11 Blogger:

Eric D. Williams Co-Director of the 911 Accountability Conference was a guest on Lone Lantern Radio, January 10th. Host Gary Franchi discussed guests, goals, direction and the purpose for the conference with Eric. Janette MacKinlay called in towards the end of the show to share her thoughts on the conference and the importance of accountability.

Once again, nobody challenges his credentials. And now we are to believe he is nothing more than the vendor coordinator.

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At 03 February, 2007 11:57, Blogger texasjack said...

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At 03 February, 2007 11:58, Blogger texasjack said...

There's a Hollywood screenwriter out there that should be writing all this down. The cast of characters in this comedy is endless. I can see Jim Carrey in the starring role.


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