Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Reports From the 84%

You may recall that our buddies like to claim that 84% of America are 9-11 Deniers; if that's the case, then why do they constantly report how frustrating it is trying to convert others?

I am being badgered so much in my town when I try to explain 9/11 Truth, sometimes I feel sick.. I feel like I'm the outcast in a world full of normal people .. I know theres no such thing as normal, I think we are doing a great job.. I get so many random questions, like... why it was so long ago.. and how are they gonna do an investigation... I get so sick of people thinking we are crazy and that we are nuts.. I want to punch people in the face sometimes.. Does anyone else ever feel this way? I get so ANGRY about it when people question me.. why ask what I do.. I'm a truther and nothing will stop it..

What's even worse are youth who DON'T CARE whether or not 9/11 was an inside job. This one girl (about 20 or so) actually said to me, "who cares if it was or not, why can't you talk about something fun?"

Talk about wanting to punch someone in the face.

Same thing happened to me today.

"Do you really believe that stuff?"

Yes, absolutly.

"you think zomming in on angles and stupid shit is real?"

What is WTC 7?

"What, your an idiot...."

I pretty much want to go away to my own little island I am so disgusted with most Americans. I work with some REALLY smart people and they refuse to care about things like the Patriot act, 9/11 research. I don't go all crazy - I simply point out that I don't know What really happened prior to and on 9/11. I DO know that what the government tells us happened is a lie/distortion/false.

Anyway, this is heavy stuff. It has stressed my marriage immensely. Some friends just"tolerate" me now...whatever. Alot of people are gonna be really surprised when America ends up in the coming crises- whatever they may be. At least some of us will have a context for understanding everything and we won't be in such shock.

Update: Comments closed to maintain evidence.

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