Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alfons and Guy Redux

As if they could not get any more self-absorbed these two nutters continue posting their phone conversations. In this episode Guy is all excited because he e-mailed NIST (which I discussed previously) what he calls "evidence", but which everyone else would just refer to as a bunch of 9/11 conspiracy talking points, and NIST sent him back an e-mail acknowledging that they had received it. Both of these guys think this is so monumental that they think NIST should issue a press release on the issue, and they manage to spend the next 45 minutes or so discussing it, although neither one of them seems to have much respect for NIST with Razer referring to them as both "faggots" and "f**kers". Geez, you could use this stuff to torture prisoners at Gitmo, it is so stupid.

Update: Also, is it just me, or is this guy (no pun intended) drunk?