Monday, July 09, 2007

Truther Wars Continue As Albanese Shuts Down 9-11 Researcher

This may be a little too "inside baseball" but I found it interesting. Rick Siegel put up a site a number of months ago called 9-11 Researchers that is basically a group blog for the no-planers. Uncle Fetzer posts over there, as does Nico, Coffinman, Peggy Carter (usually in the comments) and others.

The people over there do not have much use for John Albanese, who created the LIHOP movie Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, and apparently the feeling is mutual. I remember seeing a clip of Nico marching with some Truthers at Ground Zero, and giving Albanese the finger.

Anyway, Albanese has apparently gotten some revenge by shutting down the 9-11 Researchers site:

911Researchers has accused a great many people of a great many things. IN recent days they accused me of being a member of Al Qaeda and a homicidal lunatic planning murder. The FBI and police are aware of this. The tags associated with these stories included 'gas chamber' - 'torture' - 'hanging' - 'murder' etc etc. All of this I quietly tolerated. But after a lengthy conversation with 911 widow Ellen Mariani last night I decided the time to act was now, and I decided to pull the plug on Mr. Siegel's operation. It is my hope that Mr. Siegel and the 'researchers' who support him will reevaluate their lives and consider the pain and suffering they have brought into so many people's lives with their irresponsible accusations and harassment campaigns. Simply put, attacking witnesses, first responders and 911 widows is off limits and is does not occur in a vacuum. People are indeed watching and prepared to act when that sacred line is crossed."

I suspect that Siegel will simply remove some of the stuff from the server if it really is as bad as Albanese claims, and have the site back up on another server in a couple days.

Note as well this claim apparently from Alex Floum: was Rick Siegel and Nico Haupt's site, and promoted theories such as holograms. Rick Siegel recently sued the makers of the movie "911 Mysteries" for copyright infringement, and has allegedly made death threats against several prominent 9/11 truth activists (some of them in were purportedly made in email form).

Two obvious points; as far as I know, 9-11 Researchers did not promote holograms; Nico's "TV Fakery" is not the same thing (although it is equally insane).

I'm not sure if Siegel has actually sued Sofia, and I'd be very surprised if he personally was making death threats; he doesn't strike me as that kind of nut.

Note as well that in the comments on that post, everybody manages to avoid talking about the very real criticisms that Siegel has leveled about 9-11 Mysteries; the sounds Sofia added to cover up her removal of the WINS radio in the background, and the ridiculous identification of the North Tower collapse as that of the South Tower.

Anyway, score one for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea.

Hat Tip: Nico's 9-11 Bloglines

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