Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Richard Gage's Figleaf

Richard Gage was interviewed by Mike Swenson of Revolution Radio on July 19, 2007 (hour two). I listened to the show today. As usual, Gage devotes little of his discussion to architectural matters. However, I found these two exchanges pretty interesting:

(Starts at 3:50)
Swenson: "What first convinced you that 9-11 was an inside job"

Gage: "I would suggest that Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth, which is the organization that I founded, does not speculate as to who was involved in setting up 9-11. We are simply pointing out the evidence..."

But of course this is just a figleaf, because later Gage at least makes clear some of the people he thinks are involved in the supposed coverup:

(starts at about 13:58, talking about the claims of molten steel)

Gage: We have John Gross, the head of NIST, who denies implicitly, the evidence produced, the molten metal, no eyewitnesses, well, he's lying through his teeth. And he has to, because that is the smoking gun."

Here's the video where Gross was confronted by a 9-11 Denier on this issue:

Note however, that when they get to the "testimony" of the eyewitnesses, there are no chemical engineers. A firefighter does say "molten steel" but of course his qualifications to discuss what metal he saw is not given. At 1:22, there is a photo of the firemen looking at what is supposed to be "molten steel", but it's just a high-intensity light as I have point out before:

The second eyewitness does not mention molten steel, but she does helpfully estimate the temperature: 1100 degrees. But of course steel would not be molten at 1100 degrees; it melts at about 2800 degrees. Then a firefighter estimates the temperature at 1500 degrees, again, not hot enough to result in molten steel. However, somewhere in between those two temperature estimates would be quite sufficient to melt aluminum (1220 degrees), which was abundant in the two towers.

They bring up the NASA thermal images, which the questioner claims shows "those kinds of temperatures", but again, they don't. Cooperative Reseach's site seems to be down right now, but I quoted from them a few months ago:

Analysis of the data it collects indicates temperatures at Ground Zero of above 800 degrees Fahrenheit, with some areas above 1,300 degrees. On September 16, dozens of “hot spots” are seen, but by September 23, only four or five remain.

That's not hot enough to melt steel.

Despite Richard Gage's figleaf of A&E 9-11 Denial not speculating as to who pulled off 9-11, it is quite obvious that they feel NIST and John Gross are involved in the coverup.

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