Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Korey Rowe News

First, apparently the movie that Jason is making is in collaboration with Korey; according to Justin Martell:

Unfortunately, Daniel Sunjata will no longer be hosting the event due to conflicts with his schedule. The event will now be hosted by myself and Michael Jackman. Jason Bermas, because he has been working very hard on his new film, will not be able to join us. Instead, Korey Rowe will appear in his place to screen 15 minutes from their upcoming release, "Fabled Enemies."

Hmmm, sounds like they're going to stick with the conspiracy theories for awhile. Korey gave an extemporaneous talk at a university recently when a planned screening of Final Cut had technical difficulties, and I gotta say, he's getting much more polished. He definitely seemed like the Looser who had the most discomfort in the spotlight in the past, but he's either growing more confident with the material, or he's been getting some acting lessons. I can't locate the video right now, but one of the things he talked about was RFID chips in soldiers. Okay, sounds pretty wacky, but then our old buddy Unsecured Coins checks in:

I'm getting chipped. I got selected for the 1% of combat troops in my Division to get one to monitor "stress patterns" for the upcoming deployment. I get to go to DACH next week for a simple 30 minute procedure to have this damn chip put in my right arm. So I have a date when it goes in, but no date when it comes out. I don't wanna say that is is for nefarious purposes but I don't see a reason to monitor my stress levels prior to a deployment I'm not going on until another 9-10 months.

Congrats, moon bats. you were right about something for once.

Put me in the "that's pretty creepy but not all that surprising for the military" camp. My dad loved to tell the story about the time he got cited for damaging Army property because he got a sunburn while on leave.