Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smooth Operators

Our buddy Mikey Metz is featured in this video, apparently from the We Are Beating Up Girls in Wheelchairs crew (or some Dutch "Truther"):

There are apparently supposed to be 13 videos in the series; but quite a few are not available. Here's one that appears to pull all the 13 "operators" together. Mark Roberts apparently is included. Stephen Lemons appears briefly, as do I (I'm the fat dude in the sunglasses at about 2:29). Ron Wieck also makes an appearance.

But aside from us "evil" debunkers, quite a few "Truthers" get thrown under the bus in this video series. My old debate opponent Lynn Pentz has her own chapter as does "Hangman" Barrett:

It's typical of the paranoid nutters that they mix in the real opposition with their fellow fruitcakes.