Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I Won't Be Appearing On Air America's Clout

Air America is doing a show on the "Pentagon Flyover" theory espoused by Craig Ranke, Rob Balsamo and others. I won't be appearing on the show, for several reasons:

1. I wasn't invited. No shock there; the last time a Truther invited me to be on a radio show was my debate with Jason Bermas on the Rob Bishop show, which garnered record ratings. Record ratings and no invite back? I'll take that as a compliment.

2. The Pentagon Flyover theories are so absurd that Reprehensor, who allows conspiracy theories about everything under the sun has decided to ban them at 9-11 Blogger, the flagship of the "Truthers".

3. One of the participants in the Air America debate will be Kevin "Hang 'Em High" Barrett. I have no intention of discussing anything with a Holocaust Denier.

4. I'll let Mark Roberts give the other reason:

I believe it is deeply unethical to broadcast and perpetuate the 9/11 claims of a few kooks, especially when these people have directly accused 9/11 victims, witnesses, and investigators of cowardice and lying. There is absolutely no justification for giving these people the attention they crave. It serves no rational cause. None.

Further, these people will never get the help they need if their fantasies and their disparaging of victims are encouraged. For that reason, I believe that giving them this attention is doubly unethical.

Amen. Be sure to read the entire post by Mark; he is truly an amazing individual.

Let me suggest something here to the Truthers in our audience, particularly those who disagree with the Pentagon Flyover theory, like Arabesque, Russ Pickering, and Adam of Caustic Logic. These folks are going to be on Air America tomorrow representing your movement. It is incumbent upon you to take on this mission. I don't care if Craig Ranke and Rob Balsamo become the new faces of 9-11 "Truth"; quite frankly that would represent progress to us.

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