Saturday, May 03, 2008

Still Moron Karen Johnson

She has a guest nuttitorial in the Arizona Republic:

Why, for example, did Building 7 collapse? It wasn't hit by a plane, as the towers were. The 9/11 Commission Report completely ignores Building 7. The Federal Emergency Management Agency report discounts fire as a cause and concludes that the reasons for the collapse of Building 7 are unknown and require further research. But when FEMA issued this report, it already cleared the site and disposed of the dust and steel (evidence from a crime scene), thus possibly committing a felony and complicating any "further research.

She throws in the usual arguments: Concrete dustification, should have toppled sideways, billowing clouds (at least she manages to avoid the pyroclastic claim), molten steel in the basement, Max Cleland, etc. She tosses in a few polling results (notably avoiding the 4.6% MIHOP poll) and concludes with a call for another investigation.

She's also in the East Valley Tribune, her Mesa hometown paper:

In December, physicist Steven Jones announced the discovery of thermite chips in World Trade Center dust samples. The chemical composition of these chips are an exact match to known thermite samples used in controlled demolitions — further corroboration that explosive devices were involved.

Que? Thermite samples used in controlled demolitions? I don't think even Jones makes that claim.