Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just How Dumb are these Guys

Now I am not a fan of the average truther's intellect, but even I was surprised by this. This is from a video of a new troofer (to me at least) named Jesse Johnson speaking at the Prout conference, preceeded by Jim Fetzer of all people. I am dying to know what his claim to fame is. From 48 minutes in.

Everyone can say we went to war for freedom in Iraq, and yeah there is also the oil too, but let's look at the same thing in Afghanistan. And the buster bunking bombs. See I come from West Virginia, and I see a buster bunking bomb and I know the ties between the energy industry, and the military, because I know it was just recently that we were able to stop these used ordinance from being given to the coal companies to explode to blow up the mountains. Incredibly toxic explosives. See, because munitions have to be decommissioned. And they have to be disposed of properly, it is very costly. So usually there is two things happening, one we take these munitions and we take them just offshore and we just dumb them in the ocean
causing giant fish kills etc. Which never get reported. Drives environmentalists crazy and they come back and are screaming in your ear, and then you want to blame the environmentalists because you are hearing them react. Or we go dump them on some country. And in the case of Afghanistan, since they were wanting to put in the Caspian pipeline into the basin, it is really interesting that you can go over and drop these bombs, these new bunker busting bombs to obliterate the Urals so that it makes the job much easier for the companies that intend to go over there and lay that pipe eventually anyway.

What the %$^#?

Hey idiot, do you have any maps at your house?

Update: In the second hour Steve Alten comes on and starts whining about how the "Week of Troof" only managed to sell 800 books, despite the fact that he shelled out $5,000 to put the book on the front displays at Barnes and Noble. Pretty hilarious if you ask me.