Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WAC-Job Truther Gets David Frum Charged With Battery?

Haven't seen confirmation of this elsewhere, but according to this post on the UK Troofer Forum:

A letter sent to Stewart Howe of We Are Change L.A. by the L.A. Office of the City Attorney announcing a scheduled court date for Section P242 battery against David Frum.

It stems from this incident in April at a book-signing:

The alleged "assault" occurs at about 5:28 into the video. I don't see anything that could remotely be called assault (or battery), but the Troofers may have one factor on their side:

In a recent email sent to Mr. Dykes, Howe said his attorney, a former Marine, informed him that the L.A. City Attorneys Office is “heavily laden” with “liberal left leaning” staff and are interested in proceeding with assault charges against Frum. “He has also informed me that it may become a case transcending assault/battery and enter in no small way into the area of Frum, along with event security/UCLA conspiring to deprive a citizen journalist of First Amendment Rights.” Howe indicated, however, that his attorney has “limited experience in such matters.”

No kidding. We'll see what happens about this. I could locate no online reference for "Section P242 Battery"; in fact the only page Google came up with for this is the original post at Infowars.

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