Thursday, June 19, 2008

Richard Falk Gets More Flak

And claims that David Ray Griffin "doesn't take a so-called conspiracy view".

In 2004, Falk wrote the forward to “The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11,” a book written by David Ray Griffin, a Sept. 11 conspiracy theorist.

Griffin’s book argues that the Twin Towers may have been brought down by a “controlled demolition” — not by two airliners hijacked by Al Qaeda operatives — and that the Pentagon may not have been hit by a plane at all.

Griffin “doesn’t take a so-called conspiracy view and he raises questions that haven’t been answered,” Falk told “I think [the book] deserved to be published and I have no regrets about that.”

Falk said that while he supports alternative theories behind the World Trade Center attack, he doesn't claim the U.S. government was responsible.

“I’m an agnostic on the issue,” he said.

Yes, and I would like to say for the record that I don't claim Richard Falk is an alcoholic who dresses up in women's clothing and hangs around in bars trying to pick up drunken sailors. I'm an agnostic on the issue.

Hat Tip: Commenter Hev.

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