Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quick Hits

Good to see that Victoria Ashley and Jim Hoffman have noticed the problem with Gregory Louis Hoover. They even give us credit for finding it, although that really belongs with JREF forum member Sleahead, who was the first to find out about the story.

Update: I see Alex still has his interview up with Hoover, on his channel at YouTube. It's got 4,000+ views and 189 ratings, the average of which is 5 stars. C'mon Alex, take down the video for this segment; why would you give airtime to a conman? Oh, snap!

Luke's trial for trespassing at the Bloomberg event has been postponed until October.

NYC-CAN's fatal flaws will surely prevent it from ever reaching the ballot stage. Consider this language in the petition:

Commissioners may come from any part of the world and shall not be required to maintain a residence in New York State.

And then the applicable part of NY State Law:

No person shall be capable of holding a civil office who shall not, at the time he shall be chosen thereto, have attained the age of eighteen years, except that in the case of youth boards, youth commissions or recreation commissions only, members of such boards or commissions may be under the age of eighteen years, but must have attained the age of sixteen years on or before appointment to such youth board, youth commission or recreation commission, be a citizen of the United States, a resident of the state, and if it be a local office, a resident of the political subdivision or municipal corporation of the state for which he shall be chosen, or within which the electors electing him reside, or within which his official functions are required to be exercised, or who shall have been or shall be convicted of a violation of the selective draft act of the United States, enacted May eighteenth, nineteen hundred seventeen, or the acts amendatory or supplemental thereto, or of the federal selective training and service act of nineteen hundred forty or the acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto.

Bolding added for emphasis. Lincoln Chafee is a resident of Rhode Island, Laurie Van Auken of New Jersey, Bishop Gumbleton (IIRC) is from Detroit. As far as I know, Ralph Schoenman is the only actual NY resident. So you have several commissioners specified who cannot even serve.

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