Monday, May 15, 2006

One Thumb Down

Even Roger Ebert, hardly a neo-conservative, didn't like the movie.

Readers can find the film by Googling "Loose Change video" and clicking on the first link. I have received countless messages urging me to see this film, which essentially charges that 9/11 was a hoax generated by the Bush administration to justify the invasion of Iraq. It questions whether commercial aircraft actually crashed into the Twin Towers, says United 93 may have been shot down by a missile, doubts a plane crashed into the Pentagon, etc. Some of the film's historical information is correct, but its conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 seems cobbled together with a mixture of unsubstantiated speculation, paranoia and pseudoscience.


At 15 May, 2006 16:26, Blogger Michael in MI said...

I posted this in an earlier post, but I wanted to repost it here in case people do not go back to read the old post.


This is just a general comment about Loose Change's general premise of the government conspiracy to carry out the 9-11 attacks.

Granting their premise that the government was behind it, that would mean that the Clinton Administration was behind the original planning of 9-11 and then passed on all that info to the Bush Administration. Since we know that the terrorists had been in the USA training for 9-11 in the late 1990s (during the Clinton Administration).

Does Loose Change place blame on both the Clinton and Bush Administrations or simply the Bush Administration?

Or is their overall theory that the Clinton Administration was completely clueless to terrorist activity in the USA during his Administration, then when President Bush came into office in January of 2001, he found out about the planning of 9/11, contacted the terrorists to get in on the plan and then worked with them on the conspiracy for the next 8 months?

I haven't watched the entire 2 films, because I can't stomach all the BS, but I wanted to put these questions out there.

At 15 May, 2006 21:16, Blogger Pat said...

Michael I think the answer is that they deny the hijackers. It's not spelled out in the movie, but the basic theory that Loose Change espouses is that the planes were diverted somehow, that other planes were substituted for them, except that they decided to use a missile for the Pentagon, and Flight 93 didn't really crash, but was used to assemble all the passengers from the other flights and offload them in Cleveland, where they were never heard from again. Hence no need for actual hijackers.

At 15 May, 2006 21:46, Blogger Michael in MI said...

Ahhh, I see. So in their world, bin Laden's 1998 fatwah against the USA doesn't exist. The US Embassy bombings didn't happen. The USS Cole bombing didn't happen. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing didn't happen. All leading up to 9/11 since those attacks were not defended by Clinton.

Or... 9/11 was completely planned by the Bush Administration within about 7+ months after his inauguration. He probably was hatching it while serving as Governor of Texas. His plan got the 9/11 families, the FAA, the Airline companies all in on his coverup plan and conspiracy. And he also fooled everyone in Congress and the media into believing that the Saudis did it.

Ya know, for a guy that these people call a dumb hick cowboy, he sure can pull off a grand scheme. Or I guess their theory is also that the dumb cowboy routine is also part of his evil plan?

Sheesh. These people need to get a grip and think about what they are proposing. Sure everyone wants to figure out how in the world 9/11 could have happened, but going over the deep end with conspiracy theories when the evidence of anti-American terrorism throughout the 1990s is clear as day is just ridiculous.

Anyway, keep up the good work debunking all this nonsense.

At 10 November, 2007 19:13, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for making this blog site. I've the misfortune of working with two brothers that spout this 9-11 conspiracy crap. When I asked them about the first 9-11(WTC attack) they looked at me with a "what the *uck look?" I find it amazing that these people can really believe this *()!@#$.


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