Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Not Sure If I'm Doing Dylan Any Favors

By defending him and the rest of the Loosers against this video:

The audio clips in this movie all (I believe) come from the Looser's disastrous phone call with Eric Hufschmid. Eric, or one of his fans did some extremely careful quote-mining from the conversation, and in this regard it's poetic justice that the Loosers are victims of the same technique they used in their film.

But that doesn't make it any less dishonest. To take a very simple example, the filmmaker quotes Jason Bermas as saying "John Kerry--fan of John Kerry by the way." But when we reviewed this phone call a couple months ago, I heard:

Bermas: John Kerry. And I'm no fan of John Kerry by the way...

Of course, I'm not sure I'm doing them any favors by pointing this out; Hufschmid and his fans will probably realize now that I'm secretly the Louder than Words crew's Zionist handler.

Update: The author of the video speaks--in the comments!


At 13 August, 2006 16:19, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

It will likely cause a riff in their movement. It is a little poetic justice, however, now that you have come clean, and given how often they lurk on this page, they will likely turn on us debunkers again...oh well....if your gonna give, ya gotta be able to take...

At 13 August, 2006 18:48, Blogger Pat said...

Hah! Got me!

At 14 August, 2006 08:10, Blogger Simon Lazarus said...

I personally think that anyone who continues to deny that 9/11 happened as we saw it - four planes hijacked, Flight 93 into the field, 19 Islamic hijackers, etc.) IS a a douchebag.

And a piece of human excrement.

At 02 February, 2009 17:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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