Monday, March 15, 2010

John Albanese Recycles the Old Stuff

There are three more videos in this series that you can find here. It's the usual "Troof Lite Just Asking Questions" stuff: why were no planes scrambled to protect the Pentagon (because the military didn't know about Flight 77's hijacking until 3 minutes before it crashed), why did Bush oppose the commission (because he knew it would be politicized), why did nobody get fired (because the focus was on fixing problems, not assigning blame). Albanese recycles the same old tropes about how the commission only got $4 million (not true; it was later increased to $13 million), when the Monica Lewinsky investigation took $50 million (not true; that was the total for all the Kenneth Starr investigations, including Whitewater, which resulted in several convictions). I do love that he claims that some of the disinformation out there is deliberately sabotaging the movement, but conveniently he won't specify which information he's talking about. And I especially love his indignation that ABC wouldn't interview Bob McIlvee (sic); surely if it's that important, he could at least get McIlvaine's name right!

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At 15 March, 2010 16:27, Blogger Billman said...

Is there ever going to be any real truth to the "truth" movement?

At 15 March, 2010 17:27, Blogger ConsDemo said...

They seem to awfully silent on the votes in New Hampshire. Then again, if you're a twoofer, you keep the sheeple motivated, try to make bad news into good news, etc. So they claim the vote in the smallest town was a big victory for da twoof.

At 15 March, 2010 17:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cant handle the truth Bildo!!

Heres something else you wont like.
Pictures of the famous debunker cult at JREF. If you cant believe these people who can you trust??

This picture is simply called Duhhh.

Theres many more of these pics of the so called critical thinkers. Momma says you shouldnt judge a book by its cover but come on now!! Its like an ugly circus.

At 15 March, 2010 17:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 March, 2010 18:42, Blogger ConsDemo said...

Anonymous, that's an impressive response. Did you think that up all by yourself?

At 15 March, 2010 20:01, Blogger Billman said...

Who says I ever cared about the folks at JREF? Oh, one debunker must be like all the others and they all must frequent there, right? I've never posted at JREF... so whatever, Arhoolie, I mean, Anonymous..

I don't believe the troofers. Doesn't mean I'm in league with anyone else. Government, or JREF. I just come here to post and get on your nerves. Whatever "flaws" there are with the so called "official story" none of that proves inside jobby job. And you can't ever produce anything but speculation. And even that gets debunked..

At 16 March, 2010 10:12, Blogger Pat said...

There are some fine people at JREF, but most of the 9-11 CT debunkers don't visit many of the other sub-forums over there. I don't think I've ever met any JREFers.

At 17 March, 2010 01:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Mr Randi help with 911 debunking? Why is proving magic is fake more important?

At 17 March, 2010 08:45, Anonymous sackcloth and ashes said...

'Why doesnt Mr Randi help with 911 debunking?'

I dunno. Why doesn't Mr Randi pop round to your mum's house, invite himself in, knock on your bedroom door and tell you to sort your life out?

At 17 March, 2010 18:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, thats it.

Seems to me that this 911debunking is just another way to get your loser self to be noticed like Mr. Randi. Gravy the tour guide is another example of loserdom.

You fucks have nothing going for you so you follow/stalk people that actually have a life beyond the internet. Good luck haters.

At 17 March, 2010 22:43, Anonymous Fucktard Patrol said...

"Seems to me that this 911debunking is just another way to get your loser self to be noticed"

"You fucks have nothing going for you so you follow/stalk people that actually have a life beyond the internet. Good luck haters."

Hey Fucktard - what is it like to live in a world where reality doesn't exist?

The day I need luck from a fucktard troofer is the day I call Sean Fitzgerald into my bedroom to tuck me in.

Nothing going for me? When said by a troofer that is a compliment - Thanks!


At 18 March, 2010 01:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reality is: Two fuckheads named pat and james like to slander a bunch of people they have never met!!
The list grows daily, yet the fags over at JREF say the movement is stagnant. You guys make as much sense as a football bat.

At 18 March, 2010 07:50, Anonymous sackcloth and ashes said...

A 'truther' describes us as 'losers' and 'haters'. How ironic.

At 21 March, 2010 12:32, Anonymous Arhoolie the Cyber-Hero said...

More whingeing from the tipsy,witless and pretentious SackofBollocks! Those mean and hateful "truthers" have really rattled Professor Barfly over in the UK,haven't they?!

At 22 March, 2010 04:54, Anonymous sackcloth and ashes said...

Where's the evidence on Rigi, Walt? It seems to be as ellusive as your combat record in Iraq.


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