Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bruno Update

Bruno was on the Alex Jones show today to give us an update on his situation. He claims to be facing up to three years in the pokey for his antics in the courtroom. He says he's got a strong case due to all the witnesses, but Alex was not nearly as optimistic. Alex also did his usual routine about how the cops are a bunch of slavering idiots doing the will of their NWO masters. Aside from that, the segment amounted to little more than a "please send money" bit.



At 17 June, 2010 18:50, Blogger Triterope said...

The segment amounted to little more than a "please send money" bit.

To Bruno, or Alex?

At 17 June, 2010 19:03, Blogger GuitarBill said...


At 17 June, 2010 19:13, Blogger nicoHIStory said...

...who the fuk is BrUNO ? ;
this is a scripted story ;
narky - Kurrupt Mindz jekyll and hyde

why did twitter erase 1200+ tweets of mine/ewing2001 and didn't restore them yet? ;
1 hour ago from Twitter - Comment - Like - Share - Edit
...maybe because of this, to protect-drill their D-energy-'servers' , lol ; Twitter Delays the Oauthcalaypse Due to the World Cup "...Twitter has announced that it is postponing a complete switch to OAuth, dubbed the “OAuthcalypse”, by a month and a half due to the severe load and downtime being caused by the World Cup...." -

At 17 June, 2010 20:05, Blogger GuitarBill said...

"...did twitter erase 1200+ tweets of mine..."

One can only hope.

At 18 June, 2010 15:13, Anonymous Arhoolie said...

Things are looking up for the Debunker Cult:Nico Haupt,the nuttiest fruitcake ever served up by the gods is forming a bond with the Wackiest Ship in the Navy,the insane "Git",of wedding entertainment fame.I,for one,am looking forward to long,insane rants from the goofy fuck with a whammy bar,as he's prompted by the disturbed postings of a certifiable lunatic who claims that no planes hit the Twin Towers.Who knows where this psychotic alchemy may lead.Ga hey,brofees!!!!

At 18 June, 2010 15:42, Blogger GuitarBill said...

Thanks for taking a few moments out of your hectic masturbation schedule to make another "contribution" to the blog, ArseHooligan.

At 19 June, 2010 07:41, Blogger Lazarus Long said...

Uhh Ohhhhhhh......

Steel framed building collapses due

"Steel frame high rise building collapses and is utterly destroyed by a fire begun by a shorted out coffee pot."


Oh, the fucktard heads are going to be exploding today!!!!


And guess what?

It looks just like the WTC towers.

Truth this, retards.

h/t The American Thinker blog.

At 19 June, 2010 07:43, Blogger Lazarus Long said...

Another link if the efirst one doesn't work:


I can't stop laughing.

At 19 June, 2010 07:44, Blogger Lazarus Long said...

No explosions, either.


At 19 June, 2010 09:57, Blogger GuitarBill said...

LL wrote, "...Steel framed building collapses due"

Hold it!


Pyroclastic flow!

"Free fall acceleration" [SIC]!

"Analysis" of the collapse video leads to only one inescapable conclusion...



Bravo! Great find, LL!

At 19 June, 2010 10:34, Blogger Lazarus Long said...

I blame Bush.

At 19 June, 2010 19:41, Blogger Billman said...

Nope. They'll just ignore it like they do everything else that debunks them. But they'll call us a cult first.

At 19 June, 2010 21:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That video is old news and has been debunked over a year ago. What you dont get to see is that the bottom half of the building stays mostly intact after the collapse. Which is what would have happened at wtc.

At 19 June, 2010 23:14, Blogger GuitarBill said...

JIzzmop dissembles, "...That video is old news and has [SIC] been debunked over a year ago."

"[D]ebunked" by whom, jizzmop?

If the video was allegedly "debunked", it certainly wasn't "debunked" by your specious "commentary".

"...What you dont [SIC] get to see is that the bottom half of the building stays mostly intact after the collapse."

Really? No kidding, jizzmop?

Aren't you conveniently forgetting that World Trade Center Towers outweighed the Delft University of Technology building by a factor of 1,000 to 1?

Got engineering skills, cretin?

Now, crawl back into your mother's basement and lick your wounds--you illiterate nincompoop.

At 20 June, 2010 05:07, Blogger Lazarus Long said...

"Anonymous said...
That video is old news and has been debunked over a year ago"


Oh you poor pathetic mook.

What a dope.

What a maroon.

Here, I'll type slowly in the hopes that the retarded marmosets can understand:

Steel frame building.


Becasue of a fire.

Eat it, morons.

At 20 June, 2010 05:08, Blogger Lazarus Long said...

"Which is what would have happened at wtc."

It didn't.


At 22 June, 2010 07:11, Blogger airshoes said...

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At 04 July, 2010 04:39, Anonymous Navoria said...

And while I myself wish the best for the victims and there families of the attacks and pray they find the comfort and understanding they feel they need, I also know that I am doing them no good by not fighting for a future where people die of old age instead of tyranny, where people can hug their loved ones everyday, instead of their headstones, where my fellow Americans can know that like the old adage that if they work hard they WILL achieve, instead of having their livelyhoods taken away by foreign countries. We need to stop the ridiculous arguing and come to terms with the fact that there will never be a consensus of the past and move on and work together for our future. It does no one any good to continue and if any of you would stop and take a look around you would all see; that while you were all too busy arguing and fighting against your very selves, you have let the world as you knew it slip through our fingers without so much as a fight. Please instead of a "Truth Movement" or a "Debunking Movement" lets start a Future Movement, because in the long run, and in the great scheme of things thats all that really matters, is that there is a future to even argue about. Peace and love to all and I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone in my rant above.

At 04 July, 2010 04:39, Anonymous Navoria said...

I've been in law enforcement for a number of years, prior municipal now federal, and there is a lot more to it than most would believe or want to believe. While I myself am not a NWO slave and I honestly believe that everyday when I assist in an investigation, arrest a wanted individual, or save someones life, I am doing the most good I am able. While I have seen, investigated, and arrested officers from other agencies(for vile crimes,I wouldn't give a felloe brother in blue a ticket for speeding, just put it that way) There are those who do not have the publics interest at heart and care little for anyone but themselves. Although I dont have any true answers as to what occured on September 11th 2001, what I do know is that there is now and always has been elements of the powers that be that seek to only affect there idea of the world and how to best run our country at the cost of its citizens. Just look at the majority of legislation(spl?) being thrown around in the House and Senate; they seek to make us miserable. We are worse off now than we ever were with Bush Sr. all the way up to Obama all because no one has the interest of the people at heart. During the course of my career in LE, I have learned a lot about the type of people running this country and the agencies it uses to further its agendas, no matter if it's positive or negative, and the worst thing we can do is argue about our past. I'm sure we can all agree that our country and our way of life is threatened by numerous sources, and we all want to do what we can to secure a brilliant future for not only ourselves but also for our families. This goal cannot be achieved by arguing about events that took place almost 10 years ago, theres nothing Truthers OR Debunkers can do to alter the events that took place, and changing history is impossible. There will never be a consensus on the events that took place so it is now a mute point. Because no matter what your beliefs of the truth might be it does NOTHING to prepare and combat the enemies of our future, and the best we can do now is try to ensure history doesn't repeat itself on our soil. There are things at work in our government that we will never uncover or understand, and you know what? It doesn't matter either, you cannot alter the future until you come to terms with the past. Truthers, you need to silently say to yourselves; "There is nothing, no matter how much proof or how much I believe, I can do about what happened. I cannot change anything about what happened nor can I bring the ones I believe responsible to justice. but what I can do is join my fellow Americans and fight to reclaim and secure my country and my future." Debunkers, say silently to yourselves; "There is nothing I can do change the minds of people no matter what proof I have, and it doesn't matter either. There are more important issues at hand than trying to exacerbate the issues of the past no mater what I believe. I need to put aside the past, and fight alongside my fellow citizens to preserve and protect our future." See, the past is just that, the past.


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