Friday, December 24, 2010

Their Own Personal Superhero

I often get asked why I think truthers believe what they do, and one of my answers is ego. Truthers like to believe in some fantasy world where they are the persecuted truth tellers who thankslessly fight against an oppresive regime while enduring the scorn and ridicule of society, sort of Nelson Mandela meets Batman. Nothing typifies this more than this video of a couple of truthers addressing the Portland City Council on how the recent Oregon bomber and last year's underwear bomber were both entrapped by the FBI and CIA. The video itself was rather boring, but this comment on 911 Blogger makes my point so well.

Well done and your courage is appreciated
The physical act of going into a council setting like that while the overseers sit at elevated levels and look bored at you is a tough one to actually commence with. You persevered and read some great stuff for the record. Thanks!

Wow! They went in front of the city council, nevermind that Portland has one of the most far-left whacko city governments this side of Havana anyway, and endured bored bureaucrats sitting on a dais. What an act of superhuman courage!


At 25 December, 2010 14:13, Blogger paul w said...

Ego based on a massive insecurity problem.

Also, delusion and base stupidity; here is a list from recent 911oz postings:

'Michael Rivero’s Comments on What Really Happened at the Pentagon

“This whole no plane at the Pentagon is a poison-the-well propaganda trick to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement.”

“Hundreds of witnesses saw that passenger jet flying toward the Pentagon, shouldn’t there be hundreds of witnesses seeing it fly away?”

“This was an issue created as an easy handle for the corporate media to attack the 9/11 Truth Movement. It’s a fraud. It’s a hoax.”

“… and it’s all planted by government propagandists to make the whole issue of questioning the official story look silly.”

“Jesse Ventura got used by somebody…”

“It’s called poisoning the well.”

And this is a list of why 9-11 was an inside job (and remember, this is almost 2011);

NORAD stand down.

Mineta's testimony regarding Dick Cheney.

The 85 FBI admitted confiscated tapes.

Hani Hanjur's flying "capabilities".

The FBI assertion that Olsen received no calls from his wife Barbara's cellphone.

The "missing" 2.3 trillion dollars.

The high fatality rate of accountants linked to this very investigation who "happened" to be in Wedge 1 of the Pentagon.

The aerodynamic impossibility of the manouevre, both in "real world" aircraft limitations and according to the FDR, and shown in a simulator with a semi-professional pilot, aided by a pilot who served actual time on one of the four planes allegedly involved on 9/11!

A survivor who was inside the building when the explosion occurred, whose baby was partially brain damaged, who claimed to have walked through the alleged "impact point" and saw no evidence of a plane!

Erm, haven't we gone over this before? Oh yes, 2003!!!!

And this:

Geometric / Cone-shaped explosion is EVIDENCE of HiTech Explosives...

The Grey smoke ...Also sign of higher temperatures from High Explosive.

The smell of caudite ( high explosive) by witnesses present.

These dumb-bows cannot hide the truth forever...


Did you note the derogatory comment about the rest of the population; bumb-bows?

Yeah, you truthers are soooooo smart.

Oh yeah, now they're arguing about why a taxi photo did not show skid marks...another 'fact' to throw in the face of a newbie.


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