Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Incendiary Planes Theory

This letter is pretty amusing; I imagine a response will be forthcoming from Cascade Aerospace's attorneys.

David Schellenberg, President, Cascade Aerospace Inc.
1337 Townline Road
Abbotsford, BC
Canada, V2T 6E1

David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE
Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University
Co-host of Black Hawk In. (Investigations) Show
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891

Dear Mr. Schellenberg:

Re: Boeing 9/11 drone hit Pentagon, decoys went to Canada?

We are researching a 9/11 Global Guardian war game where Boeing's Iridium satellite network was apparently used to fly Boeing 757-767s as 'hijacked' decoys, allowing incendiary-laden Boeing 737 drones to bypass U.S. Air Force defences and dive bomb the Pentagon and other targets.

Research suggests 'hijacked' Boeing passenger jets used as decoys for the 9/11 drones, were diverted to Canada after FAA National Operations Manager, Ben Sliney, gave a "Clear the Skies" order.

To execute such a 'hypothetical' war game, Boeing aircraft would have had to be modified (see below) under 'drone-or-decoy' dual-use contracts by companies such as Cascade Aerospace in Abbotsford.

We believe that Boeing 9/11 war-game contracts have been funded with pre-payments made by the prime contractor, the Canadian Commercial Corporation ('CCC'), using money diverted from the UN Oil-for-Food program by the CAI Private Equity Group and investment bankers acting for the families of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

In a 9/11 war-game scenario, CCC would have ordered sub-contractors to camouflage Boeing freighters or passenger jets so they could be flown as envisaged by Iraq's intelligence services as remotely-controlled drones or decoys using 'modified' avionics and insulation to deliver a payload of conventional explosives and/or rocket-fuel incendiaries in a surprise attack deep into their American targets.

Investors in Boeing's Iridium network appear to have had 9/11 war-game opportunities to ignite the incendiaries in drones and target buildings, vaporize evidence (reaction at 5,800 degrees Fahrenheit) and execute major aviation, property and life insurance frauds.

We note that Cascade Aerospace provides heavy maintenance, interior modification and engineering services for Boeing 737s and other models to Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC) and GECAS, who are the most likely lessors of planes to the bogus Global Guardian war games

Can you advise us of any Cascade modifications which might have allowed the conversion of Boeing aircraft participating in the 9/11 war games into the drones which destroyed the Pentagon and diverted attention away from the decoys which appear to have landed in Canada?

I will call you in a few days to see if you are willing to help us in our research and to give time for an open copy of this letter to circulate so that victims and eyewitnesses to the events of 9/11 can comment on the plausibility of a Boeing "drone-or-decoy" war-game scenario.

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins

Now is that a remarkably moronic letter or what? Better still, this isn't being sent by just any schlub, but by a "Scholar" for 9-11 Truth.


At 11 June, 2006 08:07, Blogger Alex said...

Hehe. Now if I worked for that company...

"Well, ya see Mr. Hawkins, what we did was we duct-taped some RC airplane servos to the controls, and then gave Bush the jostick. We find the low tech approach usuly works best. Hasn't changed much from hen we wired up all those Jap fighters for Pearl Harbour."

At 11 June, 2006 09:21, Blogger Chad said...

... Canada's in on it now too?


That's almost as bad as implicating the French via the Naudet brothers....

Personally, I think the Swiss government is behind the whole thing. They've been layin' low for decades now, just biding their time, waiting for the right time to strike.

At 11 June, 2006 09:26, Blogger shawn said...


It's as surprising as the other day when I learned a bunch of folks wanted to storm parliament and behead Harper.

At 11 June, 2006 10:16, Blogger MarkyX said...

shawn, that beheading rumor wasn't done by the government, but the defendent's lawyer blurbing it out :)

Funny shit. However, their plan (take out powergrid, bomb stock market, head to parliament) suggested they plan on taking a coup.

At 11 June, 2006 10:41, Blogger shawn said...

However, their plan (take out powergrid, bomb stock market, head to parliament) suggested they plan on taking a coup.

It's scary stuff.

But Canada?! Who attacks Canada? C'mon!

At 11 June, 2006 10:47, Blogger MarkyX said...

I think denying Sharia law, gay marriage, aiding the United States, and freedom of speech (muslim cartoons) were just some of the reasons Canada "has done" to piss off these guys.

At 11 June, 2006 10:48, Blogger Alex said...

"But Canada?! Who attacks Canada? C'mon!"

Ok guys, that's not funny any more :(

What was that quote I heard recentl...something like "Canada is like the nerdy kid in highschool who keeps getting shoved into lockers and thinks it'll stop if he just keeps giving his lunch money to the bullies".

At least our politicians are learning. Thank god we finaly got rid of the liberals.

At 11 June, 2006 10:48, Blogger MarkyX said...

Forgot to add that anyone who believes Harper 'created' the terrorist plot is very ignorant on how our entire political system works.

At 11 June, 2006 10:51, Blogger shawn said...

At least our politicians are learning. Thank god we finaly got rid of the liberals.

Yeah, I'm a big fan of Harper and think it speaks very well of the Canadians that he came to power.

At 11 June, 2006 11:15, Blogger undense said...

Cambridge's Psychology Department should have a little talk with their Economics Department.


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