Thursday, October 12, 2006

South Park Episode Review

I've only watched a few South Park episodes, so I'm not sure whether this is one of the best episodes ever; but it kept me smiling throughout and there were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments. I loved the Hardy Boys takeoff; as a kid I read all of the Hardy Boys mysteries (a lot easier back then when there were only 45 or so) thanks to a neighbor who had the complete series. The purist in me feels compelled to note though that Frank is the one with the dark hair; Joe's the blond.

Some great lines:

"It was only the world's most intricate and flawlessly executed plan, ever, ever."

"Beautiful money, hahaha!"

"Then who was responsible for 9-11?"
"What do you mean? A bunch of pissed-off Muslims!"
"Yeah, what are you, retarded?"

You can watch the episode itself over at 9-11 Blogger; I'll put up a YouTube version once somebody uploads it. I was rather amused at the reaction by the blogger who posted it over there:

Looking back on the last 2 years of my personal involvement in this subject I would have to say this is probably the largest, but definitely not the most even-handed, coverage given so far to 9/11 skeptics.

Larger than Time, Vanity Fair and US News & World Report? Yeah, this was the largest coverage, ever, ever.

What are you, retarded?

Update: Here you go:

Update II: Check out One of the characters in the show wore a tee shirt with this major Denier site mentioned on it. I guess a lot of people have been coming over after watching the show:

Hello, South Park Fans!!

To those of you who already know that we don't know what happened on 9/11, you're definitely not alone--our Zogby poll in May found 46% of Americans want a new investigation because we know we were lied to! (Final report here). And for a long list of people within the government and military who also know, check out

If you're absolutely new to the issue, take a walk through these links and decide for yourself what's true. (Oh, and no one has been shot in the head for investigating 9/11 to date, in case you were wondering.)

Yeah, what's wrong with our bosses in the NWO, not shooting any of these 9-11 Deniers in the head? Come on guys, let's get with the program here! Unless... unless... you don't suppose that South Park had it right?


At 12 October, 2006 10:42, Blogger tnculp said...

Apparently the twoofers were "live" bloggin the South Park episode... I love this can tell they were praying it was on their side.

"7 min left, the show is on our side, im shocked and awed."

At 12 October, 2006 10:44, Blogger Avery Dylan said...

Like hey man, like the Hardley Boys are not us. No. I mean, like there's only two of them.

I told everybody at my forum that its not us. I mean they listen to me. They have to or like I'll ban them.

At 12 October, 2006 10:46, Blogger tnculp said...

Hilarious post...I guess I didn't see much of a back and forth deal, but a supreme duping of the truthers.

"I think it can do more good than harm.

The whole episode went back and fourth bashing both sides, but they also brought up some questions that will make people think, and plugged the 911truth website.

I'm pretty sure a ton of people prolly picked up warcraft after last weeks episode, even though they bashed all the wow players for being fat/having no lives.

And this week, we'll get a lot more people looking into what we have to say, regardless if the end message was 1/4th of the country is retarded."

At 12 October, 2006 11:21, Blogger Triterope said...

Well, you've got to give credit for trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

At 12 October, 2006 11:44, Blogger Damian P. said...

I'm getting a raging clue right now.

At 12 October, 2006 12:10, Blogger Rufus_Leaking said...

Well, you've got to give credit for trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

More like making lightening from lightening bugs.

At 12 October, 2006 12:37, Blogger Coach said...

Oh, that Zogby poll they referenced....

Turns out that if you read the methodology and the breakdown, a good chunk of 9/11 conspiracy theory beleivers tend to be uneducated liberals.

On behalf of educated liberals everywhere... please don't associate them with us.

At 12 October, 2006 12:39, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

I think "Clue Goo" may replace "conspiranoia" as my new favorite saying.

As for the comment that some good came out of it for the truthers in that some people will visit the

ok, whatever allows you to continue the fight dude. More laughs for us at the expense of the "truth-tard" movement.


At 12 October, 2006 12:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Banned at censored at

Why supports a flagwaver invasion and censors orwellian critiques.
Hey Janice,

Hey Janice,
you know damn well, what you're doing, "Government shill" :)

You never check out
Should i say, shame on you?

No because that's your "job".
Keep the people misinformed and underinformed, you and your cult.

And then after the next morning:
How can you talk with 25 years old as if they know less than you?

You didn't even get the manipulative layer of this show yet.
But that's also part of your program. Pretend you missed a "good show".

The irony is, this episode worked perfect for the flagwavers. They have a new talking point.

It also works perfect for the truthlings and they're getting confused about this "new theory".
They also have some new false hope: The U.S. Election.

All 9/11 websites are run by the government?
Surely yours. :)

Tell your cointel-pro guru David Kubiak, i am not done with him yet. You guys have to pay for what you did for 3 years:
Blocking all physical evidence and pretend you are "activists".

Yeah right. You got that program right too. :)

Here, you should put up this website:
Then you would really look "cool" for the SouthParkers:

At 12 October, 2006 12:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meh. They could've dropped the hammer a lot harder, but it was funny so I approve.

At 12 October, 2006 13:03, Blogger Avery Dylan said...

They could've dropped the hammer a lot harder, but it was funny so I approve.

Like hey man, they could do it over, I could show them how.

And the Hardley boys are not us.

At 12 October, 2006 13:08, Blogger shawn said...

I've seen every episode of South Park and I have never laughed harder at the show.

I don't see how anyone could interpret that it was pro-conspiracy theorist. It calls them retarded throughout and even has Bush uttering what we're always been saying - that it had to be the most intricate and flawless plot ever (ever) performed.

At 12 October, 2006 13:25, Blogger Dog Town said...

It was soo funny, I thought they called it"clue glue", and still laughed my ass of!. I would like to see Jon Stewart hack them up for kicks.Cartman was the perfect CTer,blah blah blah!
I was pretty trashed last nite, glad it comes on again today. Jeeze, I gotta get tivo!

At 12 October, 2006 13:40, Blogger Avery Dylan said...


Make them stop. We aren't like those 2 guys. Put them in the next cut.

At 12 October, 2006 13:53, Blogger beervolcano said...

I liked the episode. It wasn't their funniest. They could have had some better jokes in places. The turd jokes were the best part of the episode, actually. The bombs/demolition/cruise missile theories must be from the government themselves (as per the episode) because they're so stupid, yet for a lot of people, so believable. Sounds like every other political pitch (stupid, yet people buy it). But, I'd like to know how letting terrorists follow through with their plan had to be the most intricate plan ever, ever.

At 12 October, 2006 14:40, Blogger Pat said...

Nico Haupt in the house!

At 12 October, 2006 20:30, Blogger Bubbers said...

I guess South Park was wrong. According to the Zogby Poll, 46% of Americans are retarded, not 25%.

At 13 October, 2006 04:23, Blogger The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

That was incredibly amusing.

At 13 October, 2006 05:14, Blogger shawn said...

I guess South Park was wrong. According to the Zogby Poll, 46% of Americans are retarded, not 25%.

With about half of Americans thinking evolution is flawed, then yes about half of Americans are retarded.

Oh, and 46 percent don't think the government committed 9/11.

At 16 October, 2006 12:27, Blogger Rob said... says Oh, and no one has been shot in the head for investigating 9/11 to date...

Oh, really?
Michael Zebuhr... was murdered yesterday by a shot to the head during a mugging in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 18th, 2006. ...
I think this was a black op hit. Michael was very active in the 911 truth movement, and was a full member of Scholars for Truth.
Many in the truth movement will probably see this as the first martyrdom in the war for truth.

More here, and a full conspiracy blog here. To some people everything must be part of the conspiracy; there cannot be any such thing as random messy tragedy.

At 20 May, 2008 00:45, Blogger VJ_M said...

Great reviews which makes me interesting especially some of the great lines you have described above.I have not seen it yet and would like to watch south park online.I hope that i would enjoy it a lot.

At 30 May, 2008 04:20, Blogger Unknown said...

South Park is animated show and also a comedian.And I like animation.So I like this South Park Episode.Eric,Kyle,stan, kenny are my favorite characters.


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