Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Long And Interesting Critique of the Loosers Versus Wieck & Roberts

By the former child prodigy himself, Rick Siegel.

So Wieck wants to make sure that the confusion on the net is that:

“There is an actual threat from radical Islam. There are real jihadists out there who mean to do us harm.“

Dylan Avery and Bermas both mumble they agree.

Once again Wieck takes home his goal for the whole interview:
“Too much confusion on the net where people tend to deny the existence of foreign enemies. And, you find yourself wondering do these people simply want us to disarm ourselves, to ignore any threat from abroad. “

Mark Roberts agrees so everyone now is with the government program.

Mark makes a denigrating definition about a “conspiracy movement” that calls itself the “Truth Movement” that “believe that all terrorist acts are really committed by the United States” and points out that Dylan and Bermas did make such claims and goes on to point out that Loose Change has the no plane on flight 93 in Pennsylvania.

The Louder Than Words boys are just not equipped to struggle with this caliber of Cointelpro and did not know they were falling.

Yeah, Rick, and that was only .357 caliber Cointelpro; wait until you get a load of the .45 magnum version! He does make an excellent point here that I wish I had:

Dylan Avery finally wakes up from a comatose meditation that has him staring past to the future and goes on to comment about the film he made ONE year ago:

“We made that film essentially as a bunch a kids. That’s, that’s the reality of the situation. We’re a bunch of kids tackling a subject far beyond the scope of any one documentary. I will be the first to admit our film definitely contained errors, it still does contain some dubious claims, and it definitely does come to some conclusions that are not 100 percent backed up by the facts.”

Yeah, one year has passed and now we're adults, right, Dylan? I don't know if I've mentioned this but the Looser Forums have a "Youth for 9-11 Truth" section that is supposed to be limited to those under 25. The irony here should be obvious; Dylan and Korey are supposed to be sitting at the kiddies' table.

Ron handled this particularly well, as Rick notes:

Wieck tells them:
“I want you to have the opportunity to correct the record, you know, anything that you feel that ahh perhaps, you’d rethink that perhaps you don’t want to commit yourself to any longer? This is a good time to bring that out.

Well, it looks like when the prosecutor has worked out a deal and you have to now stand before the court and lie so you can “cop a plea”.

Obviously I don't agree with a lot that Siegel has to say, but it's interesting to see the LC appearance substantively critiqued from a Denier's standpoint.

Found via Nico Haupt's 9-11 Bloglines.


At 20 December, 2006 01:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this interview will scare of a lot of followers from LooseChange. Fetzer is also losing a lot of followers because he teamed up with Wood, and Jones is losing support from the Fetzer followers. John Conner has made a stupid mistake with Dannyboy, so it's all a big mess in lala-land.

At 20 December, 2006 04:48, Blogger shawn said...

Yeah, whenever someone destroys a Truther (which is pretty much anytime any of us responds to one), it must be a COINTELPRO op.

At 20 December, 2006 04:53, Blogger pomeroo said...

I've been "instructed" by the gubmint! Wow! Our tiny show must be very important.

Pathetic morons.

At 20 December, 2006 05:49, Blogger Manny said...

If I were a more mischevious person, pom, I'd suggest that you make a two-minute quick-cut edition of the debate consisting solely of Dylan admitting errors, fessing up that he "was just a kid," etc. and put it up on youtube titled "Loose Change: Final Cut." Maybe stick in some punk music and some footage of him contradicting himself from the debate and other footage.

But of course I'm not that mischevious and I'd never suggest such a thing. Not me, nope, no sir.

At 20 December, 2006 05:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha, that would be a good one :D

At 20 December, 2006 07:07, Blogger pomeroo said...

I posted the following response to Rick Siegel:

Insightful Commentary
Submitted by Ronald Wieck on Wed, 2006-12-20 16:02.
Imagine my astonishment at discovering an accurate statement coming from a fantasist. Blind pig roots up truffle, although the metaphor is not very apt. Porkers use smell, not sight. Still, I really was setting a trap when I asked the Loose Change team if jihadists posed a genuine threat. So often I encounter imbeciles who accuse Bush of ignoring all sorts of warnings, only to assure me that al Qaeda doesn't exist, all of those attacks during the nineties being just more examples of the Great Satan's propensity for shooting itself (himself?) in the foot.

Yeah, Mark's a slick professional: a professional tour guide, the activity that produces, to the best of my knowledge, any paychecks he receives.

Your comments persuade me that I should be more impressed with the tiny show I occasionally host. Do you think I should ask the producer to pay me something, or would that sound excessively bold? I know that the gubmint lavishes such wealth on me for my cointelpro efforts that money shouldn't matter, but it turns out that my pay has been going to a Mexican wrestler. I don't mind telling you that I'm sick about it.

I hate to bring up a point that is reality-based--I understand that such behavior is frowned-on in tinfoil-hat circles--but the FAA's refusal to release passenger manifests to anyone at all does not constitute censorship, and only a lunatic could imagine that it does. To give a typical example, I encountered on a return flight from Vegas a violent nut who threatened my life and the lives of several other passengers. He was upset at having been told to turn off his cell phone. Perhaps you think it would be a good idea if that psycho could obtain names and addresses of the people he wanted to murder. Some us might disagree.

You conspiracy clowns are priceless. Five years of screaming, and you've produced bogus science, distorted quotes, and outright lies. Damn, if only Jason and Dylan had proved sharper debaters. Just imagine all of the "facts" they could have hit us with.

You'll have to imagine them because, as you know, they don't exist.

At 20 December, 2006 09:59, Blogger FatOllie said...

at the end of the article siegel writes about the Hardfire show:

This interview is to allow you to hear the government story by a slick professional, true cointelpro, Roberts. Wieck understands his job and followed his instructions. Bringing home the confusion on the Internet and the importance of the illusion of the Arab terrorist. A real move the powers are pushing and sort of giving up on the invisible enemy for a bit. Confusion on the Internet, the war on the Internet and the billion dollars budget to fight it. Where is it going? You are seeing it right there.

Damn! How can you argue with that?

At 20 December, 2006 16:17, Blogger pomeroo said...

If I understood my job, maybe I'd actually have one.


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